Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff

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Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff



18-CV-0333 - Nationstar Mortgage v. Joseph W. Fischkelta, 4840 Shannon Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $145,224.

18-CV-0334 - Bank of America, N.A., v. Amanda J. Palmer, 360 S. Clairmont Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $55,489.

18-CV-0335 - BB Hope Found Rentals of Ohio LLC, 1227 Santa Monica Ave., v. Heather Marie Stuckey, Administrator of the Estate of Keith Eric Stuckey, 232 E. Southern Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $15,000.

18-CV-0336 - Ashley N. Rader, Xenia, v. Eric Jacob Sparks, 2353 E. High St., and Geico Insurance Co., Macon, Ga., complaint in excess of $25,000 for damages and injuries suffered in an auto accident on July 15, 2016.

18-CV-0339 - The Bank of New York Mellon, as indenture trustee, v. Susan E. Cole aka Susan E. Bray, 538 Tarimore Dr., et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 114 Wilson Ave., for $40,951.

18-CV-0340 - Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Richard W. Trent Jr., aka Richard W. Trent II, 2805 Ashlar Dr., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $188,285.

18-CV-0366 - Ditech Financial LLC v. Robert Lee Gause Jr., Sumter, S.C., et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 303 Stanton Ave., for $63,204.


State of Ohio v. Michael Gardner, convicted of illegal processing of drug documents, 14 days jail with credit for time served, 14 days community control.

State of Ohio v. Haley N. Haney, community control continued due to violation.


Marriage Licenses

Shelly Nicole Toops, 31, South Vienna, resident aide, and Shane Wesley Simpson, 35, Milford Center, carpenter.

Kimberly Elaine Pinkham, 50, 1130 Shrine Road, surgical assistant, and Sean Richard Hartman, 44, 1130 Shrine Road, laborer.

Cassandra Lee Guyton, 35, 2213 Columbus Ave., nurse aide, and Tejay Byrd, 44, 2370 Lagonda Ave., construction.

William Preston Johnson, 34, 705 E. Madison Ave., foreman, and Shalini Sheshna Devi, 27, 3080 Myers Road, specialist.

Carolyn Renee Darnell, 38, Medway, STNA, and Daniel Steven Frizzell, 31, Medway, construction.

Molly Irene Aldridge, 26, Wilmington, Del., teacher, and Collin James Carroll, 29, Wilmington, Del., business development manager.


Property Transfers

Miranda Munoz to Shirley A. Search, 202 Troy St., Medway; $119,000.

Amanda L. Isaac to Madison M. Dusko, 870 Corvette Ave., New Carlisle; $107,000.

James H. Preston to Nina R. Hoagland, 410 Weinland St., New Carlisle; $107,000.

Marcia L. Pitts to Andrew S. Nickell, 607 Spinning Road, New Carlisle; $55,000.

Angela S. Mangio to Juan Jose Saucedo Corona, 608 Spinning Road, New Carlisle; $100,000.

Lloyd Dale Kotcamp to Crista Hannah and Collette Mata, 234 Drake Ave., New Carlisle; no fee.

Berner Real Estate Investments LLC to Maddison L. Blackwell, 106 Funston Ave., New Carlisle; $105,000.

Elaine S. Stefkovich to Deborah and Andrew Wright, 303 N. Henry St., New Carlisle; $115,000.

Anita L. Brooks to N. Thompson Construction LLC, 2831 Covina Dr., Springfield; $15,000.

Rose A. Carver to Edward Chesshir, 4109 and 0 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; $108,000.

Anthony W. and Amie J. Sarven to George Paul Boles III, 4340 Quwood Road, Springfield; $149,900.

Samantha J. and Benjamin P. Adducchio to Robert L. and Tammy S. Cromlish, 3240 Rocky Point Road, Springfield; $205,000.

Dustin M. Scott to Alexa and Joseph M. Jackson, 4146 Joy Dr., Enon; $106,000.

Sharon Ann Smedley to Elaine A. Miller, 2620 Middle Urbana Road, Springfield; no fee.

David H. Petersen to David H. and Melinda S. Petersen, 4111 Middle Urbana Road, Springfield; no fee.

Carole C. Abney to Elizabeth A. and Richard L. Custis, 1902 Willow Lakes Dr., Springfield; $180,000.

Rosemary Asebrook, Trustee, to Douglas H. and Michelle R. Mack, 0 Willow Road, Springfield; $25,000.

Roy L. and Bettie M. Murray to Vernon D. and Lori L. Black, 2831 N. Limestone St., Springfield; $203,000.

Johnathan C. and Suzanne D. Wolf to Aaron Richard and Stacey A. Leighty, 5472 Dayton-Brandt Road, New Carlisle; $210,000.

Thomas A. and Morene C. Stickrod to Daniel T. and Amber R. Banks, 6367 Studebaker Road, New Carlisle; $135,500.

Ronald T. and Patricia K. Severt to Ryan L. and Angela L. Hect, 11372 and 0 Old Columbus Road, South Vienna; $330,000.

Rodney E. Patterson Sr., and Cynthia K. Patterson to Rodney E. Patterson, 3231 and 0 Maplewood Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Michael Reeder to Casey Flora, 336 Larchmont Road, Springfield; $104,900.

Dante J. and Rosetta A. Ianni to Rosetta Ann Ianni, 1944 Old Coach Dr., Springfield; no fee.

William P. Henderson to Glen D. Barlowe, 3017 Colony Lane, Springfield; $60,000.

RC Property Listings Ltd., to Roger D. and Charlene L. Wiseman, 3214 Woonsocket St., Springfield; $105,000.

Miguel A. Pedraza Jr., and Kerry L. Pedraza to Amanda S. Adrian, 1805 Marinette Dr., Springfield; $129,000.

Phillip C. Brown to Mickey E. Anderson, 2351 E. Kingswood Dr., Springfield; $97,500.

Margaret M. Bardnell to Sean Scaglia, 2558 Cavins Dr., Springfield; $80,000.

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