Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

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Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Current cases:

New Cases:

19-DR-489 — Meredith Rowland vs. Chad Rowland, complaint for divorce

Current cases

19-CV-272 — William McKinney vs. Administrator BWC, case dismissed

State of Ohio vs. Robert Stargell, case dismissed due to complaining witness was uncooperative in the prosecution.

State of Ohio vs. Jeffrey Anderson, charge of improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle was dismissed

19-CV-370 — Jill Fisher vs. Administrator BWC, case settled and dismissed with prejudice by agreement of the parties.

State of Ohio vs. Davon Hunt, case dismissed

State of Ohio vs. Deanna Brewer, defendant plea of guilty of violating a protection order, sentenced to serve one year of community control.

State of Ohio vs. Jason Barga, defendant entered a plea of guilty to possession of heroin, sentenced to serve a prison term of six months.

State of Ohio vs. Rita Smith, defendant pleas guilty to burglary, sentenced to serve a prison term of 24 months with jail credit.

Auditor’s Office

Property Transfers

Eric S. Swan to MVW Properties LLC, 2742 N. Limestone St., Springfield; no fee

Brian R. and Kathy J. Cubbage to REX 5600 LLC, 5486 Urbana Road, Springfield; $56,000

Rita F. Crooks to Justin Brigner, 10515 Detrick-Jordan Pike, New Carlisle; $196,000

Sarah M. Legge to Paige Nikole Howard, 3584 Ruby Dr., New Carlisle; $90,100

Jerry B. and Lynda H. Cubbage to Lynda H. Cubbage, 1154 George Allen Dr., South Vienna; no fee

Premier Property Rentals LTD to Holly Faith Mershon, 2722 N. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Vienna; $160,000

Louis F. Kemp to Harveys Sidecar LLC, 2296 S. Yellow Springs St., Springfield; $160,000

Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 101 Larchmont Ave., Springfield; no fee

Dennis C. and Beverly K. Dickerson to Phillip and Cathy L. Suttles, 4511 Prairie Bluff Ave., Springfield; $329,000

Terry W. Stephens to Jennifer M. Reedy and Brian K. Benedict, 1607 Sierra Ave., Springfield; $63,200

Darlene Huelseman to Dennis C. and Beverly K. Dickerson, 4934 Brannan Dr., East, Springfield; $118,200

Carl E. Leeth to Jodie A. Peters, 3223 Derr Road, Springfield; no fee

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