Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Property transfers:

Derrick S. Fording to Joshua T. Worley, 901 Corvette Ave., New Carlisle; $118,000

Carole Roddy to K & R Rayburn LLC, 217 Shepard St., New Carlisle; $50,000

Theodore J. Maytas to Michael Geisel, 3894 Tomahawk Dr., Medway; $125,000

MC Home Remodeling LLC to Dawn Denise Garrett, 825 Bayberry Dr., New Carlisle; $81,000

Michael Bodenmiller to Cindee L. and David M. Johnson, 3124 S. Buena Vista Road, South Charleston; $220,000

James Kenneth and Andrea Marie O’Connor to Christopher A. and Julianne D. Martinez, 4 Danzig Lane, Fairborn; $245,000

Thomas E. and Faith D. Dixon to Trevor and Laura C. Schimmoeller, 6515 Manete St., Springfield; $263,000

Gunway and Behzat Sarihan to Lizette Bristol, 67 Bexley Ave., Springfield; $264,900

Ann M. Bare to Bethany Anne and Andrew Neal Birkhead Jr., 3525 Cambridge Dr., Springfield; $185,000

Tamara K. Braskett to Zachary R. and Roxanne K. Reeves, 9752 Broadgauge Road, South Vienna; $135,000

Lisa Eberhart to Jolene P. and Celeste C. Gottlieb, 1825 Rebert Pike, Springfield; $60,000

Barbara Ann Ridenour to Janet Lou McClintick, 3100 Ridge Road Springfield; $133,600

Casey Flora to Michael A. and Stefnee D. Bowshier, 336 Larchmont Road, Springfield; $116,000

Patrick and Dawn Garrett to Dawn Garrett, 2638 Sunset Ave., Springfield; no fee

Dawn Garrett to Flora Casey and Heather Wright, 2638 Sunset Ave., Springfield; $162,000

Daniel A. Fischer to Rie Jie Ken and Jordan Anthony Suzuki Rood, 2023 Waltham Ave., Springfield; $133,000

Beth E. Duncan to Robert T. Pelfrey, 3042 Brixton Dr. E., Springfield; $127,000

Thomas G. Gansheimer to Joshua Joseph Hileman, 1909 W. High St., Springfield; $32,700

De Ronda Schimmoller to Brandi Schimmoller, 385 Mount Joy St., Springfield; $60,000

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