Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0239: Edward Valentine v. C E Auto Recon LLC., Stephanie McCloud, bureau of workers compensation appeal.

20CV0240: Lillian Schuyler v. Clark County, Stephanie McCloud, bureau of workers compensation appeal.

20CV0241: Anthony Brim v. Conduit Pipe Products Company, Stephanie McCloud, bureau of workers compensation appeal.

Marriage licenses:

Kara Clifford, 42, of Springfield, dietary aid and Daniel Cope, 58, of Springfield, maintenance man.

Joseph Koogler, 39, of Springfield, direct sales representative and Stephanie Feliz, 32, of Enon, stay-at-home mom.

Abby Dillard, 27, of South Vienna, cook and Tyler Halley, 27, of South Vienna, gas tech.

Dawn Greentree, 53, of Springfield, dispatcher and John Sharp, 53, of Springfield, body tech/painter.

Property transfers:

Lagos Group Inc., to Sterling Bailey, 1606 E. Home Road, Springfield; $40,000

Sterling Bailey to Tedros Andom and Aiven Tzehaie Andom, 1606 E. Home Road, Springfield; $80,000

Philip R. and Bonnie J. Garrett to Philip R. Garrett, 2532 Rebecca Dr., Springfield; no fee

Philip R. Garrett to Terence O’Connor, 2532 Rebecca Dr., Springfield; $150,000

Joseph C. Moormann to Debra Michelle Huff, 3246 N. Argonne Lane, Springfield; no fee

Dustin and Kathy Owens to Marshall Johnson, 437 Rosewood Ave., Springfield; $56,000

Global Premier Asset Management NJ LLC to Marcos Hernandez and Jessica Diaz, 1225 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $11,500

Michael D. Meyers to Tyler Markin, 833 Jefferson St., Springfield; $10,000

John C. and Carolyn S. Grover to Carolyn S. Grover, 816 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; no fee

Carolyn S. Grover to Douglas Scott and Samuel Scott Faulconer, 816 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $29,300

Anthony J. Waker to Amazing Grace Legacy LLC, 1114 Dibert Ave., Springfield; no fee

Tammy J. Wilson to US Bank National Association Trustee, 1012 Hillcrest Ave., Springfield; $23,4000

Russell D. Carter to Meghan M. Prendergast, 1314 Broadway St., Springfield; $72,000

Patricia A. Anderson to Dustin A. Anderson, 303 N. Bechtle Ave., Springfield; no fee

Adele M. Siegel to Benny and Sara J. Hamblin, 1595 Saint Paris Road, Springfield; $152,500

Rosalee Whaley Trustee to Andrew H. Elder Trustee, 209 Seever St., Springfield; no fee

Paul Whaley to Pamela Baker and Donald E. Kramer, 2140 Gerald Dr., Springfield; $76,000

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