Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Bill Lackey/Staff

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Bill Lackey/Staff

New Cases:

19-CV-471 — Bank of America vs. Virginia Dilley

Current Cases:

19-DR-198 — Jason Lipiec vs. Brittney Lipiec, agreed judgment entry and decree of divorce

Auditor Office

19-DS-368 — Brooke Jordan and David Jordan, judgment entry and decree of dissoultion

19-DS-366 — Julie Tuttle and K Scott Tuttle, judgment entry and decree of dissolution

State of Ohio vs. Scott Moody, case dismissed

Property Transfers:

Billy W. and Ida R. Mathews to Charles Ridenour, 7935 Milton-Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; $180,000

Jeffrey and Rebecca Sortman to Nicholas Ray Shore, 1138 Chalet Ave., New Carlisle; $112,400

Ronald Eugene and Patricia G. Fenstermaker to Cruz R. Gutierrez, 1220 Bookwalter Ave., New Carlisle; $113,000

Wilmington Savings Fund to Patrick C. Burrowes, 3929 Cloverdale Road, Medway; $100,000

William C. and Linda A. Mader to Paul M. and Linda I. Keller, 3120 Fox Hollow Road, Springfield; $120,000

Maxine L. Erwin to James W. Skogstrom, 3965 Saint Paris Pike, Springfield; $54,400

Lynne Maclean and Arthur Schwartz to Jared Hall, 4221 Snyder Domer Road, Springfield; $169,000

Connie Sue Powers to Dale Kibler, 3288 Ebersole Road, Springfield; $132,000

Mark W. and Susan E. Auckerman to Jon M. and Susan M. Coleman, 6417 Winding Tree Dr., New Carlisle; $459,000

Esther M. Pyles to Aaron H. and Lacie L. Cline, 1029 E. Jackson Road, Springfield; $240,000

James W. Schenning to Elizabeth C. Schenning, 2318 Cottingham Road South, Springfield; no fee

Teresa M. and Douglas J. Riehle to Teresa M. Riehle, 4076 Petre Road, Springfield; no fee

Bryan J. Krick to Gary and Felisha Younkin, 8455 Springfield-Jamestown Road, Springfield; $230,000

John M. and Sybil E. Warden to John M. Warden, 8007 Springfield-Jamestown Road, Springfield; no fee

Lonnie and Barb Hammond to Connie M. Collier, 3022 Willow Run Cir., Enon; $172,000

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