Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Gary W. and Christine E. Holland to Melissia S. and Matthew A. Plut, 618 Browser Dr., New Carlisle; $55,000

Raymond Franks to William G. and Kelly J. Sharp, 1241 Wendall Ave., New Carlisle; $115,000

Jeremy Weber to Marc and Carol Vlasic, 143 Braun St., New Carlisle; $111,500

David N. and Darlene L. Dresher to Darlene L. Dresher, 4966 W. National Road, Springfield; no fee

Kurtis J. Triplett and Andrea L. McCreary to Leroy L. and Bonita L. Jenkins, 4081 Tomahawk Dr., Medway; $175,000

Darlene F. and Oliver L. Olson Jr., to Darlene F. Olson, 4389 Osborn Road, Medway; no fee

Grace M. Ferraro to Dale Grimm, 114-116 S. Main St., New Carlisle; $89,000

Kevin P. Fleck to Donovon T. Davis, 1114 Langdale Ave., New Carlisle; $99,900

Patricia S. and Joe Hale Jr., 106 Villa Dr., New Carlisle; $138,000

Robert and Jean Brewster to Linda C. and Wayne R. Frost Jr., 3466 Scotsdale Dr., Springfield; $115,000

William H. and Amber K. Hurst to Jason M. Lang, 4232 Autumn Creek Dr., Springfield; $455,000

Kathleen M. Wortman to George W. and Rhonda K. Koehler, 3633 Troy Road, Springfield; $120,000

Jenny Brackney to Timothy Spencer, 4256 Troy Road, Springfield; no fee

Betty J. Spencer to Jenny Brackney, 6240 Knollwood Road, Springfield; no fee

Robert and Linda S. Repik to Linda S. Repik, 6330 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; no fee

Donald and Judith Boysel to Arnold and Suzann Blanton, 2424 Cottingham Road N., Springfield; $45,000

Harry C. and Barbara K. Hanaway to Casey and Ashley Sonner, 3355 Buena Vista Road, South Vienna; $174,000

Roy W. Cosby to Teresa E. Cosby, 12992 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; no fee