Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



16-DS-0702 - Anna Plataniotis, 1810 St. Andrews Ct., and Anthony Plataniotis, 215 E. Home Road, petition for dissolution of marriage.

16-DP-0703 - Helen Threats, 534 W. Parkwood, v. Alphonse Rickman Jr., 534 W. Parkwood, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

16-DP-0705 - Carrie M. Farmer, 268 E. Lansdown Ave., v. Krystal T. Jackson, 341 S. Wittenberg, petition for civil stalking protection order.


Jennifer Neal v. Larry Woodell, domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Rachel Donathan v. Anthony Donathan, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Tina Marie Lewis and Brian Keith Lewis, dissolution of marriage.

Heidi Nicole Reed v. John Wesley Reed, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

State of Ohio v. Blake Elliott, convicted of attempted burglary, 15 months prison with jail credit for time served, $1,000 restitution.

State of Ohio v. Brian Brown, convicted of domestic violence, 10 months prison with jail credit for time served.

State of Ohio v. Scott Gilbreath, convicted of failure to comply, one year prison with jail credit for time served, three years driver’s license suspension.

State of Ohio v. Dontez Hubert, convicted of breaking and entering, 11 months prison with jail credit for time served, $100 restitution.

State of Ohio v. Sabrina Overton, convicted of theft, two years community control, 90 days jail with credit for time served.

Andreia Armstrong, et al., v. Allstate Fire Casualty Insurance Company, et al., case dismissed with prejudice.


Marriage Licenses

Kimberly Page Williams, 42, New Carlisle, registered nurse, to Jack Edward Burchett, 39, New Carlisle, construction.


Property Transfers

Thomas R. Klingle to The Cornell Group, 402 Glenapple Dr., New Carlisle; no fee.

Mark S. and Cathy A. Woods to James M. and Charlotte K. Tingelstad, 7003 Creekside Cir., Fairborn; $181,500.

Sandra J. Duckwall to Christy J. Carty, 4040 Ryland Dr., Springfield; $63,000.

US Bank NA, Trustee, to Kathleen A. Maddux, 1468 Westmont Dr., Springfield; $77,000.

Jeffrey E. Young and Susan T. Benning Young to Susan T. Benning Young, 1122 Sylvan Shores Dr., South Vienna; no fee.

Amy R. and John M. Samosky to Mark S. and Cathy Ann Woods, 3114 Meyer Ct., Springfield; $285,000.

Sonya J. Greene to Pine Harbour Investment Company LLC, 3023 Linmuth Dr., E., Springfield; $143,000.

Willie Mack and Ethel Johnson to PNC Bank NA, 302 Buxton Ave., Springfield; $30,000.

Brittany Powell to Randy and Bailey Powell, 2645 Maplewood Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Shauna M. Young to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 1513 Lexington Ave., Springfield; $10,000.

Cole Richard James to Stephen Andrew Wildman, 1053 Farlow St., Springfield; $1,000.

General Bradford Jr., and Catherine L. Bradford to General Bradford Jr., 1773 Wittenberg Blvd., W., Springfield; no fee.

Ruth J. Stone to Ruth J. Stone, 222 Stiles Alley, and 913-915 Drexel Ave., Springfield; no fee.

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