Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Ashly Starr, 37, of Springfield, sales representative and Derek Stites, 27, of Springfield, landscaper.

Jonathan Byerly, 42, of Mechanicsburg, distribution/forklift and Sasha Cantrell, 39, of Mechanicsburg, LPN.

Anthony Galloway, 50, of Springfield, pipefitter and Dawn Barone, 51, of Springfield, buyer/purchasing.

Gary Faryman, 55, of Springfield, store manager and Belinda Benning, 59, of Springfield, medical assistant.

Jacob Forges, 27, of Springfield, laborer and Saturne Jn Pierre, 36, of Springfield, none.

Latondra Traylor, 53, of Springfield, retired and Michael Vinson, 55, of Cleveland, production worker.

Angela Rice, 56, of South Vienna, project manager and Timothy McGhee, 53, of South Vienna, ODNR tech.

Property transfers:

Paul E. and Brenda Staup to Brenda Staup, 4492 Willowdale Road, Springfield; no fee

James P. and Melissa K. Johnson to Caleb A. Dersch, 3963 Pinewood Ave., Springfield; $250,000

Sally J. Whallon to Corey J. and Rachel Vorderbruggen, 5717 Johnson Road, Springfield; $199,000

Timothy O. and Bonetia L. Elliott, 1520 North Star St., Springfield; $35,000

5576 Old Clifton Road LLC to Juan J. Rodiriguez and Lori E. Deal, 5576 Old Clifton Road, Springfield; no fee

Thomas E. Johnson to Kash J. and Ruth A. Laywell, 2421 Jackson Road Rear, Yellow Springs, $19,800

Jeffrey L. Moore to Vincent and Sherry Frock, 7407 Georgetown St., South Charleston; $76,500

Tonya M. to Robert L. Wilson Jr., to Mark A. and Sara E. Anthony, 6363 Fletcher Chapel Road, South Charleston; $165,500

Arnold Banton and David Sawyer, 875 Fletcher Park, South Charleston, $30,000

Bryan L. Moore to Kaleb Sargent, 4278 Woosley Road, South Charleston; $98,500

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