Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff
Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff



17-DP-0943 - Je’Keira Booker, 140 W. Southern Ave., v. Chrissy DeArmond, 207 W. Southern Ave.; petition for civil stalking protection order.

17-DP-0948 - Stephanie Moore, 943 Oak St., v. David Westly Moore, 2227 Lexington Ave.; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

17-DP-0949 - Tameka Broady, 550 W. Perrin Ave., v. Keith A. Moore Sr., 1201 E. John St., Bldg. 1213, Apt. B; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

17-DR-0950 - Raymond Y. Revell, Beavercreek, v. Kelsey M. Picciuto, Beavercreek; complaint for divorce.

17-DS-0951 - Daniel R. Linville, Brookville, and Ashley E. Linville, Union; petition for dissolution of marriage.

17-DP-0952 - Carlos Arenas, 122 E. Cecil St., v. Preston McQuinn, 121 Beverly; petition for civil stalking protection order.

17-DS-0954 - Greta J. Wilt, 2622 Rebert Pike, and Andrew R. Wilt, 2622 Rebert Pike, petition for dissolution of marriage.

17-DS-0955 - Stephen M. Knisley, 2740 W. National Road, and Annastasia O’Brien-Knisley, 2740 W. National Road, petition for dissolution of marriage.

17-CV-0585 - Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., v. Deborrah K. Borden, Atlanta, Ga.; complaint for foreclosure in excess of $100,386 for property at 444 Forest Dr.

17-CV-0586 - James D. Trimble, 1244 Pheasant Run, v. Sarah D. Morrison, Administrator, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus and Pentaflex Inc., 4981 Gateway Blvd.; notice of appeal.

17-CV-0587 - Donald L. Overholser, 2446 Red Coach Dr., v. Sarah D. Morrison, Administrator, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus and Whitehall Inc., Klosterman’s Bakery, Cincinnati; notice of appeal.

17-CV-0588 - Consumer Portfolio Services Inc., Irvine, Calif., v. Steven D. Chenoweth and Pamela L. Chenoweth, 10255 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; plaintiff demands judgment for $12,103.

17-CV-0591 - Husted Properties LLC, c/o 333 N. Limestone St., vs. Christopher J. Benavides, 4183 Lower Valley Pike, et al.; complaint for foreclosure of land installment contract for $9,000.


State of Ohio v. Joshua M. Wix; convicted of failure to notify of a change of address, five years community control.

Jaime Elliott v. Jesse Elliott; both parties granted divorce on grounds of incompatibility.


Marriage Licenses

Robert Michael Leamman, 43, Ingalls, Ind., head end engineer, and Julie Christine Wells, 44, New Carlisle, self-employed.

Dustin Ray Keffer, 28, 237 E. Northern Ave., forklift operator, and Jo Beth Davis, 43, 237 E. Northern Ave., server.


Property Transfers

Boyd D. and Helen S. Marcum to Beryl C. Sule and Charles T. Sule, 201 Greenacres Dr., Springfield; $139,900.

Kyle E. and Rachel H. Leis to Aurelio M. Jimenez, 329 Rawson Dr., New Carlisle; $72,000.

R. Alan and Theresa L. Thompson to A & T Farm LLC, 0 N. River Road, 0 Fletcher Chapel Road, Rear, 0 S. Charleston Pike, Rear, 0 Old Springfield Road, 0 Charleston Pike, South Charleston; 0 Jackson Road, Rear, 276 E. Jackson Road, 6356, 5785, 5128 and 5110 Springfield-Jamestown Road, 0 Springfield-Jamestown Road, four parcels, 0 Beard Road, 0 Old 70 Road, 0 S. Charleston Pike, 0 E. Possum Road, Rear, two parcels, 2323 Ridge Road, 3100 and 0 E. Possum Road, 0 Mitchell Road and 0 Clifton Road, Springfield; 0 Fowler Road and 0 Fairfield Pike, Enon; no fee.

James O. Miller to Ethel M. Kovacic, 2960 Dayton-Springfield Road, Springfield; $60,000.

Max K. and Janice D. Aker to Max K. Aker, 4891 Brannan Dr., W., Springfield; no fee.

Mary Susan Andorfer to Mary Susan Andorfer, Trustee, 1850 Willow Lakes, Springfield; no fee.

Kathleen Acra, Trustee, to Charles A. and Nikki L. Brown, 706 Grandview Dr., N., Springfield; $80,000.

Robert F. and Patricia Ann McGee to Jeanette M. Pavelka, 2001 Oak Knoll Dr., Springfield; $179,300.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 3113 E. High St., Springfield; no fee.

Brenda J. Swartwout to Crystal S. Butler, 1818 Lexington Ave., Springfield; no fee.

US Bank NA to Thrones LLC, 380 Stanton Ave., Springfield; $9,500.

Ernest B. Evans to David Thomas, Trustee, 614 Sherman Ave., Springfield; $10,000.

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