Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-DP-1024 - Jessica Simpson, 230 N. Belmont, v. Codi Bowshier, Urbana, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

18-DR-1028 - Linda Mary Williams, c/o Michael T. Edwards, Attorney at Law, Enon, v. Floyd Lars Williams, New Carlisle, complaint for divorce.

18-DS-1029 - William Lucas, Enon, and Jennifer Lucas, 4460 Dayton Road, Lot 1, petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DS-1030 - Misty Whitley, South Charleston, and Justin Whitley, Prescott Valley, Ariz., petition for dissolution of marriage.


Abbey Mercer and Joshua Mercer, dissolution of marriage.

Aaron Conger and Kenneth P. Conger, dissolution of marriage.

Aretha A. Green v. Jeffrey A. Green, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Domenico U. Stolfo and Shellie K. Stolfo, dissolution of marriage.

Jaime M. Bowen v. Richard M. Bowen, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Cortney Howser v. Joshua A. Farmer, domestic violence civil protection order dismissed.

Jennifer Harmon v. Isaiha Frederick, protection order denied.

State of Ohio v. Carl J. Marano, convicted of OVI, three years community control, 60 days jail stayed until Dec. 28, five years driver’s license suspension, restrictive plates and interlock system required on all vehicles, $1,350 fine.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Richard W. Trent Jr., aka Richard W. Trent II, et al., decree in foreclosure in rem.


Property Transfers

Mark W. Garwood to Joshua and Lyndsey Byers, 9659 Broadgauge Road, South Vienna; $249,900.

Dennis Huston and Virginia Sue Jones to Virginia Sue Jones, 530 Tuttle Road, Springfield; no fee.

Anthony and Josephine Accocella to Josephine Accocella, 1347 Ryan Crt., Springfield; no fee.

Kelly Marie Krause Bebout and Stephen Earl Bebout to Timothy D. and Christina Y. Adams, 535 Zeller Dr., Springfield; $158,000.

Darrel M. and Deena L. Baker, Trustees, to Richard E. and Jo Ann Breakall, 426 Robin Hood Crt., Springfield; $174,900.

William Howard Jr., to William H. Howard III, 1520 Texas Ave., Springfield; no fee.

William H. Howard III to William H. Howard III, 1520 Texas Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Susan L. Zerkle to Patrick L. Burkhart, 2716 Merritt St., Springfield; no fee.

Alta Kinnamon to Larry McCandless, 110 S. Florence St., Springfield; $18,000.

Springfield Advantage LLC to Matthew B. Kemper, 1102-1104 Woodlawn Ave., Springfield; $73,000.

Philip A. Galante to Debra Lynn Glasener, 145 N. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; no fee.

David B. Campbell to J & J Farms Inc., 2849 Summerford Road, South Charleston; $75,000.

Charles M. and Tina M. Spinning to SCM, 115 W. Jamestown St., South Charleston; no fee.

Ohio Builders LC to Jennifer L. McKee, 19 S. Chillicothe St., South Charleston; $10,000.

Indira Nair to Ryan Harris, 332 Roscommon Dr., Springfield; $325,000.

Gary R. Horton to Michelle Merrick, 3129 Haverhill St., Springfield; $117,900.

Jaye L. Tayloe to Jaye L. Tayloe, 1124 Broadway St., Springfield; no fee.

Lawrence T. Chambers Sr., to Mycumortgage LLC, 215 Bellevue Ave., Springfield; $43,800.

Susan M. Payne to Jaesans Rental Properties LLC, 206 Bellevue Ave., Springfield; $10,000.

Frank D. Bonerigo to Fresh Start Cleaning Services LLC, 527 S. Belmont Ave., Springfield; $42,000.

Richard E. Baker to Richard E. and Kimberly K. Baker, 838 Oak St., Springfield; no fee.

Gerald Catlett to Virginia Catlett, 1226 S. Fountain Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Virginia Catlett to Johnathan Telin, 1226 S. Fountain Ave., Springfield; $45,000.

Otis D. and Victoria Parris to Dhingra Family Limited Partnership, 613 E. Grand Ave., Springfield; $10,000.

William M. and Dawn W. Leahy to Jason R. Pickart and Charlton Lam, 20 Brighton Road, Springfield; $420,000.

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