Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



19-CV-0233 — Thomas Huffman, 510 N. Race St., v. Guardian Finance Service Co., Hilliard; plaintiff demands judgment in excess of $45,000 for actual and punitive damages.

19-CV-0234 — Rhonda K. Wood, 3120 E. High St., Apt. A, v. Penske Truck Leasing Co., et al., Columbus; plaintiff demands judgment in excess of $25,000.

19-CV-0236 — Cincinnati Insurance Co., Cincinnati and Andrew Shaffer, 6624 Southern Vista Drive, v. Potter Home Improvement, 271 Green Vista Drive, Enon; plaintiff demands $145,419 for damages caused during remodeling.

19-CV-0252 — IH Credit Union, 5000 Urbana Road, v. Roy G. Larkins and Kathy Larkins, 114 N. Greemount Ave., plaintiff demands judgment of $16,685.

19-DR-0198 – Jason Lipiec, Medway, v. Brittney Lipiec, 4277 Prince Cir., complaint for divorce.

19-DR-0199 – Tamara Sue Jones, c/o 20 S. Limestone St., Ste. 220, v. Gordon Lemoine Jones, 209 E. Euclid Ave., complaint for divorce.

19-DS-0200 — Billie Marie Wells, 1840 Prospect St., and Carlos Lonzo Wells, 322 W. Jefferson St., petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DP-0172 – Brittany Abston, 518 ½ Homeview Ave., v. Robert Seagraves Jr., 824 Drexel Ave., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DP-0173 – Asia Powell, 525 E. Home Road, v. Equan Anderson, 1138 E. John St., Apt. 2, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DP-0175 — Jake Lester, New Carlisle, v. Theresa Lester, New Carlisle, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DP-0176 — Daniel Pigett, 136 Prairie Ave., v. Pamela Pigett, 136 Prairie Ave., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DP-0177 — Ashlei Klontz, 1280 Kenwood Ave., v. Lowell Short, 1209 Pleasant St., petition for domestic violence protection order.


State of Ohio v. Jamie Danielle Lavender, case dismissed.

Heather Bayless v. Barbara Myers, et al., case dismissed with prejudice.

Perry K. Williams v. Jeremy Motter, et al., case dismissed with prejudice.

Ta-Tiana Collins, et al., v. First Acceptance Services, Inc., case dismissed with prejudice.

State of Ohio v. Bradley Miller, convicted of possession of cocaine, 11 months prison with credit for jail time served.

State of Ohio v. Ronald Wallace, convicted of aggravated possession of drugs, six months prison to run concurrently with other sentences.

State of Ohio v. Eric Dean, convicted of robbery, seven years prison with credit for jail time served, three years post-release control mandatory.

Prime Assets Financial v. Phyllis M. Dewitt aka Phyllis Lykins, et al., judgment and decree in foreclosure vacated, case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Caliber Home Loans, Inc., v. Jordan Ray, et al., decree in foreclosure for $83,070.

MidFirst Bank v. William G. Krichbaum Sr., et al., judgment in rem.

Alissa Setzer v. Jacob Thurnau, domestic violence civil protection order dismissed.

Malissa R. Doak v. Stephen E. Doak, domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Jeneil Ethel Young v. John David Rawlins, civil stalking protection order granted.

Melissa Ann Whisman v. Justin Howard Ilges, civil stalking protection order granted.


Marriage Licenses

Jonathan Lewis Saul, 31, Enon, services manager, and Jacquelyn Morgan Kucirka, 26, Enon, lead CSR.

Brandelynn Renee Bihn, 40, Medway, client delivery manager, and Michael David Gibbins, 48, Medway, maintenance technician.


Property Transfers

Ryan L. and Shelley R. McFarland to Stephen L. and Claudia McBride, 3315 Eichelberger Lane, Springfield; $163,000.

Constance L. Steiner to Nicki Rieske, 2933 Hilldale Road, Springfield; no fee.

Dwain Bartley to TK Yost Investments LLC, 724 W. Home Road, Springfield; $75,000.

Darrel M. and Deena L. Baker to Darrel M. and Deena L. Baker, Trustees, 2702 Seymour Lane, Springfield; no fee.

Gloria A. Veskauf to Champion City Holdings LLC, 2529 A Red Coach Dr., Springfield; $172,000.

Barbara G. Hart to Huffman Tree Service, 2026 and 2020 E. Pleasant St., and 0 E. Pleasant St., two parcels, Springfield; $17,000.

Sonnie S. Fissel, Trustee, to Robert K. Hagler Jr., and Vicki L. Hagler, 110 Short Dr., New Carlisle; $93,000.

Michael W. Marchiny to Jordan Turner, 302 Villa Dr., New Carlisle; $159,900.

Robert and Janice Blanton to Paul H. Bunch, 5976 Troy Road, Springfield; $130,000.

Pamela L. and Mark A. Clark to BBLB Holdings LLC, 5175 Detrick-Jordan Pike, Springfield; no fee.

Darlene Ferguson to Karen Sue Speelman, 2855 Arthur Road, Springfield; no fee.

Marilyn J. Henderson to Teri Lynn Garety, 825 Spring Lake Cir., Enon; no fee.

Douglas L. and Jennifer K. Snow to Douglas L. Snow, 4271 Phoenix Cir., Springfield; no fee.

Rebecca Thomas to US Bank Trust NA, 7151 Detrick-Jordan Pike, New Carlisle; no fee.

Richard W. and Vickie J. Guider to Mark L. Peters and Julie M. Little, 1481 Kingsgate Road, Springfield; $335,000.

Robert V. and Florence Gayle Hawk to Robert V. Hawk, 916 W. North St., Springfield; no fee.

David M. and Rose E. Patrick to Melissa Laughman, 1312 Lamar Dr., Springfield; $73,300.

Richard K. and Alysia M. Lazear to Kyle Sharp, 1877 Quincy Road, Springfield; $78,000.

David A. Ditty to Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company, 847 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; $33,400.

Bonnie E. McDonald to Raymond P. and Dawn R. Willis, 142 Floral Ave., Springfield; $40,000.

Margaret L. Craig to Mallory Adams, 239 Canterbury Dr., Springfield; $89,900.

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