Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Property Transfers:

Quentin Green to Thomas and Mary Ann Tyler, 902 Mitchell Blvd., Springfield; $95,000

Jessica D. Roberts to John Dooley, 344 Oakwood Pl., Springfield; $3,000

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp to Fernando A. Romero, 25-27 W. Southern Ave., Springfield; no fee

Larry L. and Charlotte S. Shaw to Larry L. and Charlotte S. Shaw Trustees, 1808 Longview Dr., Springfield; no fee

Valery E. and Joan F. Lipps to Joan F. Lipps, 1110 Enon Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Larisa Solomon to Martin A. and Maria J. Goeser, 3423 Troy Road, Springfield; $185,000

John C. Gamble to Stacy Crable, 4523 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; no fee

Larry W. and Marjorie E. Allen to Jackie W. Kibler, 6301 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; $158,000

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