Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0211: Jefferson Capital Systems LLC. v. Joseph Adkins, Kaitlyn Adkins, money on account.

Marriage licenses:

Danielle Colegrove, 32, of Springfield, medical transport and Zenen Ramos Jr., 40, of Deltona, Flordia, safety inspector.

Rachel Shope, 30, of Springfield and Nicole Sweatfield, 30, of Urbana, machine operator.

Property transfers:

Nathan Thomas and Sarah L. Lett to Jenny S. Smith, 23 Nightingale Trl., Enon; $220,000

Rodger A. Stinson to Michael Eric and Tanya Marie Fisher, 4850 Brannan Dr. E., Springfield; $112,000

Joyce L. Cave and Barbara J. Faulder to Joyce L. Cave, 4896 Auston St., Springfield; no fee

Tracy and Darin McManamay to Sally A. Chaffin, 1035 Cheyenne Ave., Springfield; $64,000

William L. and Barbara J. Faulder to William L. Faulder, 701 Deerfield Trail, Springfield; no fee

Derek M. and Dawn L. Tincher to Rose J. and Matthew B. Loppe, 3940 Monterey Ave., Springfield; $124,900

Brandon J. and Brittany L. Moore to Derek M. and Dawn L. Tincher, 3340 Kenerly St., Springfield; $279,900

Donald E. and Connie E. Smith to Ryan Alan and Jessica Finney, 2751 Selma Pike, Springfield; $165,000

Johnathan R. Butler to Garlind Properties LTD, 1366 Bellefair Ave., Springfield; $29,000

Richard L. Poorman to April C. and Richard Shelton, 203 N. Western Ave., Springfield; $95,000

Kimberly Ann Adamson to Joseph and Elizabeth Tackett, 2506 Roberts Ave., Springfield; $8,000

Michele Reutter and Keith A. Whitehead to Elizabeth A. Reagan and John D. Ellison, 1335 Rutland Ave., Springfield; $59,900

Maxine E. Robinson to Robert A. Judy, 1732 Sunset Ave., Springfield; no fee

Frank H. and Patricia M. Fuschino to Frank H. Fuschino, 1572 E. Main St., Springfield; no fee

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