Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Bill Lackey/Staff
Bill Lackey/Staff

Current cases:

19-DS-371 — Rachel Garcia and Mario Garcia, final judgment and decree of dissolution of marriage

19-DS-385 — Alice Fischer and Dale Fischer, judgment entry and decree of dissolution.

19-DS-383 — Lauren Brown and William Brown, judgment entry of dissolution without children

19-DS-377 — George Bennet Jr. and Chasity Bennett, judgment entry of dissolution without children

19-DS-0357 — Floyd Chriswell and, Brenda Chriswell, final judgment and decree of dissolution

19-DS-367 — James Hall and Danielle Hall final decree of dissolution of marriage

19-DP-312 — Brittany Prichard vs. David Daniel Rose, domestic violence civil protection order

19-CV-382 — Stonewood Apartments vs. Drummond Financial, entry of final dismissal with prejudice

Auditor’s Office

Property Transfers

Howard J. Norris to Miranda Munoz, 937 Bischoff Road, New Carlisle; $81,200

Lorraine A. Brown to Jacob A. Elkins, 111 W. Birch Road, Medway; $124,900

Leonard and Leona M. Williams to Leona M. Williams, 213 Stratmore St., New Carlisle; no fee

Shirley A. Lindley to Erick Cochran, 1815 Hartley Ave., New Carlisle; no fee

U.S. Bank National Association to Mary Boling Rentals LLC, 407 Weinland St., New Carlisle; $60,000

Michael C. Bresley to Angela Segall and James Trent Finley, 1103 Campbell ave., New Carlisle; $122,000

New Carlisle Health Facilities LLC to Vincent Apa and JMWREN LLC, 200 N. Main St., New Carlisle; $150,000

Daphine R. Mahle to Yeary Homes LLC, 611 W. Madison St., New Carlisle; $32,500

Frances I. Blair to Charles E. Walker Jr., 600 Fenview Dr., New Carlisle; $132,000

Linda F. Freeze to Linda F. and Robert M. Freeze, 3301 Scotsdale Dr., Springfield; no fee

Joan Medora and Edward Gordon Generous to Matthew R. and Chad W. Donley, 211 Owners Dr., Tremont City; $230,000

Chastity R. and George F. Bennett Jr., to George F. Bennett Jr., 5411 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield, no fee