Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff
Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff



19-CV-0071 – Ditech Financial LLC v. Cynthia A. Massey, 228 W. State Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $14,652.

19-CV-0072 – IH Credit Union, Inc., 5000 Urbana Road, v. Jennifer Talmage, New Carlisle, complaint for $16,080 due on Closed-End Note, Disclosure, and Loan and Security Agreement.

19-CV-0073 – IH Credit Union, Inc., 5000 Urbana Road, v. Levi Coy, 2723 Anita Dr., and Amanda Coy, 3454 Folk Ream Road, Lot 235, complaint for $23,580 due on Retail Installment Contract and Security Agreement.

19-CV-0076 – Freedom Mortgage Corp., v. Mark A. Bass Jr., 1407 Sunset Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $61,356.

19-DP-0038 – Cacey Walden, Urbana, v. Jessica Lanum, 726 Stanton Ave., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DS-0038 – Julie A. Terry, 502 S. Douglas Ave., and Keith A. Terry, Grove City, petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DS-0039 – Carolyn Cook Bray, Bellbrook, and Hayward D. Bray, Bellbrook, petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DS-0043 – Linda K. Harper, 3095 Old Mill Road, and Christopher E. Harper, Cable, petition for dissolution of marriage.


State of Ohio v. Erica Laughlin, case dismissed with prejudice.

State of Ohio v. Brandon Russell, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Brandon Russell, convicted of robbery, six years prison with credit for jail time served, three years post-release control mandatory.

State of Ohio v. Shawn Griffith, convicted of two counts aggravated possession of drugs, one year prison on each count to run concurrently with one another for a total of one year prison, credit for jail time served.

Rebecca M. Clark v. Jeremy D. Clark, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Deborah J. Perkins v. Lisa M. Rush, domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Thomas E. Burnett v. Rebecca A. Magyar, civil stalking protection order granted.


Marriage Licenses

Rick Aaron Lapp, 62, 2106 Beatrice St., truck driver, and Teresa Kay Young, 37, 2106 Beatrice St.

Tristan J. Walker, 38, Springfield, firefighter/paramedic, and Amy Renee Sherrock, 45, Springfield, RN.

Roger Michael Shaaya, 28, 1648 Lucas Dr., engineer, and Maria Awad Alhaddad, 26, 1648 Lucas Dr.


Property Transfers

EAGRE LLC to Craig and Kathryn E. MacVeigh, 0 Milton Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; $42,500.

Matthew J. Pattison to Melissa Anne and Kyle D. Smith, 3875 Pinewood Ave., Springfield; $240,000.

George H. and Bertha M. Bolin, Co-Trustees, to William L. and Dorothy M. Althoff, 421 N. Mulberry St., Tremont City; $124,000.

Tehan Family LLC to James W. and Paulette K. Tehan, Trustees, 3931 E. Pitchin Road, Springfield; no fee.

Eric L. and Tracy L. Skeens to Tracy L. Skeens, 2660 Stewart Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Michelle Marie Cox to Michelle M. Cox, 5137 Melvina St., Fairborn; no fee.

Gary W. and Sharon M. Lynn to Sharon M. Lynn, 4844 Ashley Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Randy G. Albaugh to David J. Anon, 4441 Tacoma St., Springfield; $154,000.

Kimberly A. Boeke Wade to Randy Eugene and Mary Louise Fisher, 4819 Brannan Dr., W., Springfield; $103,000.

Donna W. Worley to SISBRO Homes LLC, 5850 Oldham Dr., Springfield; $111,000.

Glen A. and Kathryn M. Baldwin to Glen A. Baldwin, 36 S. Main St., North Hampton; no fee.

Neal E. Kresheck to Christopher and Luz Roe, 410 Leander Dr., Springfield; $412,000.

SG Capital Partners LLC to The Dexter Group Trust, 1555 Noel Dr., Springfield; $19,300.

Megan J. Barker and Jonathan M. Tarvin to James L. and Tiffani L. Huffman, 911 Mount Joy St., Springfield; $44,000.

Norval and Nurjehan Henry to Nurjehan Henry, 869 Homestead Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Richard and Melanie A. Ibarra to Richard Ibarra, 2110 Gladden St., and 0 Magnolia Blvd., Springfield; no fee.

Michael Morgan to Eugene A. Adkins, 2588 Lagonda Ave., Rear, Springfield; no fee.

Barbara E. Yates to Westfall Family Investments LLC, 1230 E. High St., Springfield; $125,000.

Mary Elizabeth Snyder to Maria Guadalupe Flores Marquez, 1814-1816 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; $3,000.

Catherine L. Hansbro to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 205 W. Liberty St., Springfield; $9,000.

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