Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Bill Lackey/Staff

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Bill Lackey/Staff

New cases:

19CV0501: General Casualty Company of Wisconsin vs. Ami Timmes, money on account

19CV0502: Kira Allabaugh vs. Peyton Phillips, personal injury

19CV0503: State Farm Mutal Automobile Insurance Company vs. Devin Smith, complaint for damages

19CV0504: M&T Bank vs. Christopher Rutherford, foreclosure

19CV0505: Audra Smith vs. Stephanie Mccloud, bureau of workers comp. appeal

19CV0506: NationStar Mortgage LLC DBA Mr. Cooper vs. Robin Cantrell, foreclosure

19CV0507: Community Mercy Health Partners vs. Beverly Spires, breach of contract

19CV0508: Ryan Maxwell vs. Christina Carden, personal injury

Current cases:

State of Ohio vs. Rakeem Ford, judgment entry of conviction/warrant for removal, defendant pleads guilty to possession of heroin and obstructing official business, sentenced to 12 months in prison for both counts, sentences to run consecutively.

Property transfers:

Kyle J. and Danielle L. Keplinger to Jonathan P. Dodds, 7542 Sunrise Dr., Springfield; $183,500

Rebecca S. Bishop to Caleb M. and Payton V. Rice, 2835 Oxford Dr., Springfield; $138,000

Glenn O. and Brenda J. Temple to Lora Sue Temple; 2831 Cottonwood Dr., Springfield; no fee

Planet Home Lending LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 36 Cherry Dr., Springfield; no fee

Marcus R. and Susan E. Bayes to Angela Kay Colchin, 809 Timberview Ave., Springfield; $305,000

Richard E. and Mary K. Morrison to Uri A. Carrillo Mendez, 3057 Mingo Lane, Springfield; $315,900

George G. Hukill to TYMAC LTD, 545 E. Leffel Lane, Springfield; $395,000

John H. and Natalie A. Matsuura to Stephen M. and Mary Alice Neely, $340,000

Deborah L. and Douglas K. Imri to Oral Lester Smithers Jr., 3106 Countryside Ct., Springfield; $182,000

Joel G. and Joyce E. Swords to Brad W. and Erin E. Busch, 1293 Ryan Road, Springfield; $26,800

AMVO LLC to Kettering Network Services, 2300 N. Limestone St., Springfield; no fee

Kenneth L. and Judith A. Melvin to Judith A. Melvin, 2929 Avery Cir., Springfield; no fee

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