Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



19-CV-0324 – KeyBank NA, Brooklyn, v. Michael O. Fowler Jr., Urbana and 421 N. Race St., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 421 N. Race St., for $36,707.

19-CV-0325 – Citibank, N.A., v. Judith L. Ivory aka Judy Dodd, 3223 Windy Ridge Dr., complaint for $29,132.

19-DS-0293 – Sunny M. Johnson, Medway, and Eric L. Johnson, 920 Elder St., petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DR-0294 – Michele L. Hayden, Medway, v. Bryan Hayden, New Carlisle, complaint for divorce.

19-DP-0282 – Tobin M. Price, 255 Dover Road, v. Kevin Hawes, 3485 N. Hampton Road, petition for civil stalking protection order.

19-DP-0283 – Kevin L. Armstrong, 633 W. Grand Ave., v. Gary Elwood Johnson, 102 E. Main St., petition for civil stalking protection order.


Terry Baker v. JAT & Associates, et al., case dismissed with prejudice at plaintiff’s costs.

Brenda G. Trew v. U.S. Xpress, Inc., et al., case dismissed with prejudice.

Ditech Financial LLC v. Michael F. Morgan, et al., decree in foreclosure for $20,534.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Danny Lee Mosier, et al., decree in foreclosure for $76,170.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Danielle L. McNary, et al., judgment in rem.

Quicken Loans Inc., v. William J. Abston, et al., judgment for $94,827.

U.S. Bank NA, as Trustee, v. Robert L. Tredway, et al., judgment for $64,171.

Charles C. Hartley v. Phillip Butts, civil stalking protection order dismissed.

Amber Koepnick v. Christopher Wylie, case voluntarily dismissed.

April A. Culp v. Clayton L. Brim, domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Jennifer Calloway and Brian Calloway, dissolution of marriage.


Marriage Licenses

Jerry Lee England, 47, 238 Eastwood Dr., retired, and Ginger Denise Shaffer, 48, 238 Eastwood Dr., nurse.

Brennan Keith Anderson, 27, Lakewood Ranch, Fla., videographer, and Megan Marie Detrick, 25, Lakewood Ranch, Fla., teacher.

Chelsie Jean N. Brandyberry, 24, 3511 Troy Road, receptionist, and Zachary Tyler Scott Wiggins, 24, 3511 Troy Road, loss prevention.

Nicholas Ross Burkhard, 23, 1563 Rutland Ave., packer/shipping department, and Alyssa Taylor Pennywitt, 22, 1563 Rutland Ave., receptionist.

Raymond Patrick Adams, 30, 2120 Ashbrook Dr., occupational safety, and Sara Rose Norton, 25, 2120 Ashbrook Dr., human resources.


Property Transfers

Daniel Lewis Blackwell to Richard and Penny Milligan, 3625 Osborn Road, Medway; $137,900.

Ronald L. and Rochelle G. Grout to Steven and Kathy Trusty, 310 N. Henry St., New Carlisle; $138,900.

Sheryl A. Chen and Richard P. Stith, Trustees, to Sheryl A. Chen and Sheri L. Susaeta, Trustees, 2164 Elderwood Road, Springfield; no fee.

Larry W. and Cheryl L. Dickerson to Keith A. Dickerson, Trustee, 5481 Knollwood Road, Springfield; no fee.

Cynthia A. and Ronald N. Culbertson to Cynthia A. Culbertson, 0 N. River Road, Yellow Springs and 7545 N. River Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Anthony Bowman to Brad and Pamela Poeth, 6343 Old Columbus Road, Springfield; $205,000.

James Michael Manning to Nathan Hedge, 3264 S. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Charleston; $173,800.

Marcia L. Cline to K & R Ryburn LLC, 7037 Tall Timber Trl., Enon; $92,500.

Luther S. and Mildred L. Peterson, Trustees, to Luther S. Peterson, Trustee, 7107 Stine Road, Enon; no fee.

Matthew S. and Whitney J. Dearth to Cynthia R. and Gene A. Drake, 4646 Sullivan Road, Springfield; $383,000.

Philip A. Petrauskas to Philip A. and Stephanie L. Petrauskas, 2532 Erter Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Roy K. and Carla C. McConnell to Geoffrey R. Ashworth, 1042 Willow Road, Springfield; $128,000.

Doug M. Lytle to Thomas J. and Donna M. Elleman, 1033 Crystal Lane, Springfield; $239,900.

Ira S. and Dorothy J. Rust to Ira S. and Dorothy J. Rust, Trustees, 6884 Dialton Road, 0 N. Hampton Dialton Road, two parcels, and 2720 Dwight Road, Springfield; no fee.

Joseph W. Paul to David A. and Jill A. Steinmetz, 4648 McConkey Road, South Vienna; $321,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Hines Real Estate LLC, 13670 Urbana-London Road, Mechanicsburg; $131,000.

James E. and Genevieve M. Waterman to James E. Waterman, 2860 Locust Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Jason D. and Samantha L. Moon to Vinh Q. Trinh, 1342 Kingsgate Road, Springfield; $242,500.

Robert Tangen and Jaimie L. Gesler to Michael D. Mosshammer, 3125 Meyer Crt., Springfield; $265,000.

Ruth E. Fischer to Paula R. Garrett, 2412 Home Orchard Dr., Springfield; $127,500.

Richard F. and Claudette Chaney to Richard F. Chaney, 318 N. Shaffer St., Springfield; no fee.

Elizabeth M. Eardly to William I. Buscemi and Jean Collen, 1809 Overlook Dr., Springfield; $85,000.

Rachel E. Price to Carol S. Hawke and Shirley K. Baker, Trustees, 702 S. Clairmont Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Donna F. Berry to Guy Hayden Conner and Penny L. Tope, 508 N. Belmont Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Peter J. and Sabrina C. Thompson to Cory Buntin, 103 N. Clairmont Ave., Springfield; $60,000.

Scott S. Smith to Dimce Prculoviski, 1921 and 0 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; $20,000.

Harold Joseph Bechtel to Sharon K. Jones, 1520 Selma Road, Springfield; $54,000.

Kenneth D. Pyles to Aimee and Kyle Pursley, 32 W. Euclid Ave., Springfield; $58,000.

McKenzie Investments and Consulting LLC to Michael F. Biggs, 1102-1104 N. Limestone St., Springfield; no fee.

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