Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



19-DP-0106 – John Porter, 1159 Selma Road, v. Morgan Ellis, 432 E. Southern, petition for civil stalking protection order.

19-DP-0116 – Keila Padilla, Medway, v. David Padilla Sr., New Carlisle, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DP-0117 – Melinda Sions, 456 N. Light St., v. Donald Sions, 501 Woodlawn Ave., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DR-0137 – Roger A. Bradbury, Fairborn, v. Pamela S. Bradbury, Fairborn, complaint for divorce.

19-DR-0140 – Leanna E. Black, 4373 Helena Crt., v. Devin M. Black, 4373 Helena Crt., complaint for divorce.

19-DS-0141 – Vera Bowie, Fairborn, and Carlton H. Bowie, Fairborn, petition for dissolution of marriage.


Paula Yake v. Jonathan Yake, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

John Porter v. Morgan Ellis, civil stalking protection order denied.

Crystal Rolph v. Richard White Jr., case voluntarily dismissed.

Lynnette Kitchen v. Dewand Moore, domestic violence civil protection order denied.

Colleen F. Baker v. Christopher Dean, domestic violence civil protection order denied.

Megan Leckey v. Brian Morgan Sr., case dismissed.

Jason A. Allen v. Matthew T. Allen, civil stalking protection order granted.

Courtney Jenkins v. George Pennington, civil stalking protection order granted.

Kelly Lynn Miller v. Paige L. Maynard nka Harmon, civil stalking protection order granted.

Lia D. Harris v. James E. Harris, domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Brendan Michael Rice v. Dianne Ruth Spencer, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

State of Ohio v. Chelsea Ann Dean, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Jeremiah Abston, convicted of robbery, two years prison with credit for jail time served, three years post-release control mandatory.

State of Ohio v. Aaron Gray, convicted of domestic violence, 180 days jail, 150 days jail suspended, one year probation.

State of Ohio v. Christopher Van Hoose, convicted of domestic violence, 16 months prison with credit for jail time served.

State of Ohio v. Larry L. Molen II, convicted of improper handling firearms in a motor vehicle, two years community control, 80 hours community service, forfeit shotgun and shotgun shells.

State of Ohio v. Quaymar Hill, case dismissed.


Marriage Licenses

Wayne Anthony Trumbo, 60, 2550 N. Limestone St., #205, robot specialist, and Maria Lourdes Tejada Mananing, 47, 2550 N. Limestone St., #205, homemaker.


Property Transfers

Yeary Homes LLC to Hunter L. Woodruff and Alex W. Caudill, 179 Stratmore St., New Carlisle; $97,000.

Floyd K. Harrison to Boling Investments Ltd., 342 Weinland St., New Carlisle; $66,500.

Richard Lee and Norma Rader to Norma Rader, 0 Troy Road and 3836 Lawrenceville Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Stephen M. and Jan A. Ping to Wesley G. and Rebekah S. Miller, 88 W. Jackson Road, Springfield; $132,000.

James D. and Barbara A. McCarty to Barbara A. McCarty, 1553 Newlove Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Jeremy S. Hawks and Dawn E. Watters to Jeffrey Robey, 5115 Wakefield Dr., Fairborn; $117,000.

Charles E. and Joann Pelfrey to Wesley T. and Krystal Keeton, 165 W. Pleasant St., Catawba; $70,000.

Dustin and Kathy Owens to Paul Baker Jr., 2132 and 0 Sunnyland Blvd., Springfield; $85,000.

Jonathan S. and Jennie M. Steiger to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 3333 W. Columbia St., Springfield; $30,000.

Vanessa M. and Deon M. Byrd to Eugene Moore II and Ashley Nicole Moore, 4266 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield; $274,400.

B & G Home Buyers Ltd., to Alexander E. Cattell, 0 Fernway Dr., Springfield; $1,500.

George N. Miller Jr., and Marcia R. Miller to Sergio Lopez and Angela Jackson Lopez, 2638 Ballydoyle Dr., Springfield; $545,000.

Margaret C. Warren and Jane E. Warren to Jane E. Warren, 2434 Home Orchard Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Sally J. Speros to Karen Beckett, 534 Argonne Ave., Springfield; $88,500.

Raymond E. and Janet L. Salyer to Raymond E. Salyer, 141 S. Race St., Springfield; no fee.

Kathryn Y. Lewis Campbell to Douglas R. and Kristyn A. Neville, 929 S. Western Ave., Springfield; $40,000.

Meghan V. Montero Rojas to Michelle Mattson and Matthias Kaelberer, 1816 Westwood Dr., Springfield; $133,000.

Ryan W. and Sarah E. Erlewine to MULP LLC, 1525C N. Plum St., Springfield; $80,000.

George C. and Evelyn M. Walters to George C. Walters, 2412 Sunset Ave., Springfield; no fee.

George C. Walters to Richard D. and Euna J. Everingham, 2412 Sunset Ave., Springfield; $69,500.

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