Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-CV-0064 - Security National Bank, division of The Park National Bank, 40 S. Limestone St., v. Willie R. Roberson, Whitehall, complaint for $14,946 due on promissory note.

18-CV-0066 - Todd Polen and Lisa Marshall, 6000 Dayton-Springfield Road, v. David Spitzer, dba All Season Remodeling, Englewood, complaint for $19,000 for breach of contract for remodeling and/or construction work.


Deborah A. Ehrhard, Executrix, v. Beth S. Robey, case dismissed with prejudice.

Chelsie Smith v. Grange Indemnity Insurance Company, et al., case dismissed with prejudice.

The Huntington National Bank v. Shayna Shirk, et al., judgment in rem.

State of Ohio v. Donald R. Silvers III, case dismissed.

Caliber Home Loans, Inc., v. Tiffany L. Haddock, et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

State of Ohio v. Robert Lee Tuller, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Ricky Delawder, case dismissed with prejudice.

Joshua A. Teegarden and Clarissa A. Vanover, dissolution of marriage.

Shannon Stickney v. Michael D. Stickney, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Jon Surgenor v. Sarah Kornhaber, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Kiley Anne Everett and Cory Adam Everett, dissolution of marriage.


Marriage Licenses

Ashley Niccole Wolf, 25, 2810 Broadview Dr., student, and Jamie Lynn Roach Jr., 25, 2810 Broadview Dr., manager.

Jennifer Marie Miller, 41, 281 S. Belmont Ave., dental assistant, and Philip Steven Denson, 37, 281 S. Belmont Ave., custom applicator.


Property Transfers

Hal Don Properties LLC to Brandon and Amber McVey, 611 Colony Trl., New Carlisle; $226,900.

Buffy J. Webster to Buffy J. Nichols, 4766 Limrick Road, Springfield; no fee.

Peter F. Catanzaro to Peter A. Catanzaro, 442 Newlove Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Bruce W. Dickerson and US Bank NA to Bruce W. Dickerson, Trustee, 0 Woosley Road and 0 Urbana Lisbon Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Inell Smith to Paul D. Nier, 3951 Raymond Dr., Enon; $105,500.

Four Kays Investments LLC to Ronald E. and Rebecca S. Bishop, 617 and 0 Sheffield Dr., Springfield; $70,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Dene A. Voorhees and Rhonda L. Voorhees, 435 Wildwood Dr., and 0 Wildwood Dr., Rear, Springfield; no fee.

Cheryl Walker, Trustee, to Alicia Mitchell, Trustee, 3016 Vineyard St., Springfield; no fee.

Richard E. Thornburg to Michael A. and Taylor J. Bury, 2819 Conowoods Dr., Springfield; $167,500.

Larry E. Smith Jr., and Kimberly R. Smith to Gregory and Jill Gurecki, 1338 Providence Ave., Springfield; $104,000.

John and Dorcas J. Torrenga to RC Property Listing Ltd., 1740 Marinette Dr., Springfield; $77,000.

Sicure Properties LLC to Ayesha Cure, 2505 Home Orchard Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Marvin W. and Louise M. Hartman to Ketra Sue Grindrod, 543 Archer Lane, Springfield; no fee.

Timothy and Sue Carter to Bret and Tracy Mader, 1835 Timberline Dr., Springfield; $165,000.

U.S. Bank NA, Trustee, to Houses Done Right LLC, 2713 Duncan St., Springfield; $26,000.

Randi R. Lenox to Nicholas R. Burkhard, 1563 Rutland Ave., Springfield; $55,000.

D & G Properties of Springfield LLC to Bruce A. and Kelly S. Melnick, 930 N. Fountain Ave., Springfield; $102,000.

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