Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Erin Heider, 37, of Springfield, realtor and Jason Norton, 42, of Springfield, truck driver/realtor.

Michael Foster, 36, of Springfield, line leader and Kelly McDaniel, 37, of Springfield, homemaker.

Property transfers:

Tehan Properties LLC to Kent E. and Linda G. Rose, 3433 Turner Dr., Springfield; $122,000

RMT Properties LLC to Jonathan D. and Harley N. Gantt, 4421 Detrick-Jordan Pike, Springfield; $180,000

Matthew R. and Chad W. Donley to Mattew R. and Alison Donley, 211 Owners Dr., Tremont City; no fee

Michael L. and Teresa G. Ames to Michael J. and Pamella R. Newberry, 5541 Meissen Dr., Springfield; $288,500

Robert S. Hervey to Nathan Bergman and Courtney Lynn Martin, 4655 S. Pitchin Road, Springfield; $190,000

Frances Jeanne Simon to Karen E. Crist, 5319 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; no fee

Dudley C. and Lois J. Bravard to Dudley C. and Lois J. Bravard Trustees, 4825 Peacock Road, Springfield; no fee

Denver L. and Whittney L. Thompson to Margaret Dittman, 3915 Woosley Road, South Charleston; $186,000

Laura S. Severt to Glenn D. Severt Trustee, 5549 Old Springfield Road, Springfield; no fee

Allen D. Shaw to Adrienne Dawn Eubanks, 7120 Clifton Road, South Charleston; no fee

Robert William and Linda Kay Virts to Linda Kay Virts, 21 N. Church St., South Charleston; no fee

Linda Kay Virts to Elrik V. Sigman Trustee, 21 N. Church St., South Charleston; no fee

Jonathan D. and Shelly L. Fortenbaugh to William and Carole M. Kushmaul, 3740 Raymond Dr., Enon; $139,900

Robert W. Florence to Jamie L. and Robert W. Florence II, 5300 Broadway Road, Springfield; no fee

David R. Shank to Daniel C. Shank, 4949 Broadway Road, Springfield; no fee

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