Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0205: Gerald Brown v. HD Development of Maryland Inc., Home Depot, breach of contract.

Property Transfers:

Jimmie S. Jimmie to James A. Thompson, 1722 Elaina Dr., Springfield; $139,900

Todd Leach to Todd and Cindy Leach, 4064 Ryland Dr., Springfield; no fee

Dennis L. and Mickie C. Bayne to Susan Otten and John E. Fleeger Jr., 849 Donnelly Ave., Springfield; $260,000

Brandon and Sarah Litz to Karen I. Martin and Blakey A . Micheal, 392 Willow Road, Springfield; $42,000

Cheryl J. Fluty and Kellie D. Clark, 11174 Knoxville Road, Mechanics; no fee

Edith R. Spicer to Verne V. Taylor, Moorlands Dr., Springfield; $110,000

Bryan Peterson to Peoples Mortgage Lending LLC, 2293 Seminole Ave., Springfield; no fee

Victoria A. Mundy to Noel Todd Mundy, 2326 Dayton-Springfield Road, Springfield; no fee

Sally L. Hawke to Mark A. Brown, National Road, Springfield; no fee

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Dixie and Monty G. Fisher, 239 Birch Road, Springfield; $37,200

Jeffery A. and Michele M. Lash to Skylar D. Bisesti and Sarah M. Wegner, 1980 Old Coach Dr., Springfield; $160,000

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