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Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff
Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff



18-CV-0666 - Forsythe Finance, LLC, v. Larry Muhammad, 1238 Cobb Ave., and Tara Craycraft, 2223 ½ Iroquois St., complaint for $10,454 due on Retail Installment Contract.

18-CV-0667 - Fifth Third Bank v. Melissa K. McMann, 2421 Bellevue Pl., and Michael R. McMann, 4095 Sintz Road, complaint for $55,404 due on Promissory Note.

18-CV-0668 - National Loan Investors, L.P., v. Benlee Properties, 674 N. Limestone St., et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 215-219 Stanton Ave., for $71,590 and $266,220.

18-CV-0671 - Karla Leslie, 872 Stone Crossing Lane, Unit B, v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus, and Aldi Inc., Springfield aka Aldi Inc. (Ohio), P.O. Box 2997, notice of appeal.

18-CV-0672 - William H. Hoelscher, 3092 Wyandot Dr., v. Robert E. Rue, 1752 Stratford Pl., et al., complaint in excess of $25,000 with punitive damages in excess of $2,000,000 for breach of fiduciary duty, concealed or embezzled assets, unjust enrichment, etc.

18-CV-0673 - Gerald F. Brown Sr., and Jean Brown, South Charleston, v. HD Development of Maryland, Inc., dba Home Depot, Corporation Service Company, Registered Agent, Columbus, complaint in excess of $25,000 for injuries suffered from slipping on ice and falling in handicap parking area on Jan. 4, 2017, at 1180 N. Bechtle Ave.

18-DS-1073 - Amanda L. Timmons, 660 W. Sparrow Road, and Jason M. Timmons, 660 W. Sparrow Road, petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DP-0001 - Forrest Applegate, 5700 Mills Road, v. Jennifer Kershaw, 5700 Mills Road, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DR-0001 - Karen E. Hawk, 3867 Cabot Dr., Apt. A, v. John A. Hawk Jr., 2726 Share St., complaint for divorce.


Debora K. Schreiber and Ronald P. Schreiber, dissolution of marriage.

Allison D. Cribbs and Kenneth J. Cribbs, dissolution of marriage.

Jill E. Anon and David J. Anon, dissolution of marriage.

Jacob Dibert v. Michael Dibert, domestic violence civil protection order denied.

James Sarrazine v. Kaleigh Marie Fletcher, civil stalking protection order granted.

Tina Dawes v. David Peckham, domestic violence civil protection order denied.

Fallon Dean v. Michael Dean, case dismissed.

Amanda Lynn Schoepflin and Steven Neil Schoepflin, case dismissed.


Marriage Licenses

Marissa Leeann Bennett, 24, 5491 Beard Road, food service worker, and Taylor Leann Collier, 20, 5491 Beard Road, clerk.

David James Meadows, 47, Medway, therapist, and Jene Rebbin Shaw, 37, Medway, student.

Kayonna Marie Singh, 23, 364 S. Race St., and Justin Michael Swinford, 35, 364 S. Race St.

Kyle Alan Cooper, 23, 2537 Hustead Road, arbor care, and Cortnei Ann Andrews, 26, 1029 W. Pleasant St.

Kelly Rae Barr, 42, New Carlisle, executive assistant, and Shafiqullah Latifi, 27, New Carlisle, dock worker.


Property Transfers

Monty D. and Kathalene Bilyeu to Janette and Benjamin D. Radford, 62 Milton-Carlisle Road, Springfield; $239,900.

Mary P. Talbert to Michael P. Talbert, 2195 Ash Brook Dr., Springfield; $66,600.

Marlene K. Reid, Trustee, to Douglas D. and Jennifer L. Jacobs, 11259 Troy Road, New Carlisle; $154,900.

Darwin Murray to Zachary R. Murray, 3568 Vernon-Asbury Road, South Vienna; $120,000.

Marquis Enterprises Inc., to Michael Edward and Sarah Marie Inskeep, 2943 S. Burnett Road, Springfield; $142,000.

Jerry K. and Sue A. Smedley to Ryan M. Bower, 3304 Eastham St., Springfield; $95,000.

Daniel M. and Sally J. Barksdale to Sally J. Barksdale, 1851 Golfview Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Victoria Robertson to Bradley D. and Jessica L. Crawford, 736 E. Home Road, Springfield; $139,000.

Ryan S. and Kelly E. Schumann to Nicholas K. Hanaway, 645G Villa Road, Springfield; $39,500.

Brad W. Jenkins to James Payton, 608 W. Euclid Ave., two parcels, Springfield; $12,500.

David L. and Terrie L. Grimm to Tiffany A. Maynard and Michael A. Clements, 1522 Broadway St., Springfield; $82,900.

All Ohio Home Buying LLC to Ernest Carl Broomfield, 820 Grant St., Springfield; $6,900.

Melissa Rice and Jody Longberry to Melissa Rice, 1618 W. Mulberry St., Springfield; $2,000.

Tamra J. Thornton to David M. Patrick, 1804 W. North St., Springfield; $60,000.

Robert E. Hodson to Kelly M. Stevens, 2708 Duncan St., Springfield; no fee.

Trajan Stoyanoff to Peter Stoyanoff, 1661 Selma Road, Springfield; no fee.