Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



19-CV-0392 – USPG Portfolio Six, LLC, Hilliard, v. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc., Coraopolis, Penn., et al., complaint for unpaid rent, etc.

19-CV-0395 — Nng De I, LLC, v. Ella Lucille Willoughby aka Ella L. Martin, 935 Ogden Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $19,042.

19-CV-0396 — Ryan P. Allen and Morgan W. Allen, Enon, v. White Real Estate and Remodeling LLC and Ronald D. White Jr., Tipp City, complaint in excess of $25,000 for breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation.

19-DS-0372 - Julie M. Martin, Medway and Ronald Martin, Medway, petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DS-0374 - Mark E. Fenster, Dayton, and Ronda J. Fenster, Dayton, petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DS-0377 - Eric J. Daniel, 367 E. Northern Ave., and Leslie A. Daniel, 1038 Middle St., petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DS-0378 - Christopher M. Baughman, 1347 S. Bird Road, and Christina M. Baughman, 2129 Trimmer Lane, petition for dissolution of marriage.

19-DP-0409 – Ronald E. Harris II, 24 W. College Ave., v. Dominique LaShae Watkins, 2415 Yellow Springs St., #28, petition for civil stalking protection order.

19-DP-0422 - Serena Lawson Crawford, 1975 Norwood Ave., v. Cynthia Beachum, 222 Parkwood Ave., petition for civil stalking protection order.

19-DP-0423 - Carla Neimeyer, 5985 Twitchell Road, v. Clinton Renz, 1328 W. Jefferson St., petition for civil stalking protection order.


Freedom Mortgage Corporation v. Mark A. Bass Jr., et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

Deborah Coy v. Lisa Perkins, et al., case dismissed with prejudice.

State of Ohio v. Forest Mitchell Money, case dismissed.

State Ohio v. Trevor Hatfield, convicted of possession of criminal tools, nine months prison, credit for jail time served, $1,200 and a handgun forfeited.

Amos Financial LLC v. Unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, spouse, assigns and all persons claiming by or through Joseph R. Burke, deceased, et al., degree of foreclosure for $42,419.

Jessica Healy and Marcus S. Healy, dissolution of marriage.


Marriage Licenses

Robert Emerson Brooks Jr., 64, 2125 Wrenwood Road, project manager, and Susan Ruth Jenkins, 68, 2030 Memorial Dr., retired.

Markise Trevon DeArmond, 23, 2736 Berger Ave., and Haley Louise Bishop, 19, 1460 W. Pleasant St.


Property Transfers

Donald R. and Brenda S. Bach to Brenda S. Bach, 1005 W. Lake Ave., New Carlisle; no fee.

Matthew P. Walsh to Michael L. Bockrath, 905 Pepperwood Dr., New Carlisle; $89,900.

Joseph M. and Sheri L. Weaver to David M. and Linda K. Rothery, 6780 Musser Lane, New Carlisle; $170,000.

Joan E. Alexander to Joan E. Alexander, Trustee, 3354 Scotsdale Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Ronald L. and Cathy L. Hupman to Shane R. and Michelle R. Boles, 5700 Knollwood Road, Springfield; $262,900.

Patricia E. Pickarski to Jeremy S. and Maria K. Kennedy, 6089 Sarah-Leigh Ave., Springfield; $232,000.

Joseph R. and Abbie M. Arrowsmith to Marcus and Amanda Stacy Hartman, 1400 S. Buena Vista Road, South Charleston; $330,000.

Carl North to Thomas Wunderly, 6774 Dayton-Springfield Road, Enon; $100,000.

Ray M. and Kathryn R. Atkins, Trustees, to Ray M. Atkins, Trustee, 8006 Philadelphia Dr., Fairborn; no fee.

Ray M. Atkins, Trustee, to Harlo and Linda Jenkins, 8006 Philadelphia Dr., Fairborn; $107,000.

Cecilia A. Davis to Jack C. Gwin, 147 Sunnybrook Trl., and 0 Sunnybrook Trl., Rear, Enon; $175,000.

Christopher Palmer to Joel C. and Emily M. Hammond, 4550 Ridgewood Road, W., Springfield; $148,500.

John L. and Gwendalyn C. Marcum to Christopher D. and Jennifer L. Arnold, 1321 Northfield Crt., Springfield; $225,000.

Clarence V. and Susan K. Gabbard to Michael P. and Maribel C. Stough, 2710 Northbourne Dr., Springfield; $161,900.

Jonica J. Beatty, Trustee, to Marc E. Lloyd, Trustee, 3439 Craig Road and 528 S. Belmont Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Gregory A. and Karen Veith to Gregory A. Veith, 2737 Seymour Lane, Springfield; no fee.

Derby Glen LLC to John E. and Nancy L. Bogard, 122 Derby Crt., Springfield; $411,900.

Emily M. and Joel C. Hammond to Robert L. Ketterman III, 1531 Marinette Dr., Springfield; $125,000.

Mark E. Travis and Sheila Zack to Virginia S. and James G. Smith, 3435 Red Coach Dr., Springfield; $152,900.

L D A Properties LLC to Randall B. and Angela L. Walters, 1745 Allison Ave., Springfield; $59,900.

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