Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0153: Ally Financial Inc. v. David Nawman, Dolla Nawman, complaint for damages.

20CV0154: Damien Lehman, Zavier Lehman, Jade Starliper, Kaylee Starliper, Michael Starliper, Tara Starliper v. Heather Sickles, Westfield Insurance Company, personal injury.

20CV0155: Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB as trustee of Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A v. Clark County Treasurer, Discover Bank, Huntington National Bank, Jane Doe unknown spouse of Shawn Stedman, State of Ohio Department of Taxation, Shawn Stedman, foreclosure.

Marriage licenses:

Holly Cochenour, 22, of 2137 Clifton Ave., program manager and Zachary Adams, 20, of 2237 Spunk Run Rd., office.

Cheryl Shartle, 47, 517 Glenn Ave., a registered nurse and Douglas Vernon, 49 of 20 W. Alley St., service tech.

James Richards, 47, of 129 N. Fostoria Ave., machine operator and Amanda Hernandez Juarez, 37, of 129 N. Fostoria Ave., machine operator.

David Driscoll, 40, of 229 N. Clairmont Ave., property manager and Jana Crawford, 42, of 231 W. Main St., factory.

Property transfers:

WJHOH LLC to Sabina A. and Ricardo E. Lazarte, 262 Hampton Trail, Springfield; $148,000

Dustin and Holly Jo McCoy to Dustin N. McCoy, 12000 Collins-Arbogast Road, South Vienna; no fee

Dhingra Family Limited Partnership to Teresa A. Higbee, 4109 Grange Road, Springfield; $125,000

Richard E. Thomas to Richard E. and Angel Thomas, 610 E. Possum Road, Springfield; no fee

Ernest Edward and JoAnn C. Keppler to Ernest Edward Keppler, 3717 Ronda Ct., Springfield; no fee

Ernest Edward Keppler to Christina M. Crouch, 3717 Ronda Ct., Springfield; $198,000

Elizabeth M. Maclean to Carol Groeber, 3114 Countryside Ct., Springfield; $173,000

Mary L. McDonald to Bonnie E. McDonald, 1043 Carson Ln., Springfield; no fee

Ohio Lewis LLC to OHio Lewis LD LLC, 1660 W. First St., Springfield; no fee

Jeffrey L. and Jane B. McGinnis to Heather N. and Charles B. Mason, 2916 Mystic Lane, Springfield; $102,700

Christopher R. and Megan R. Lemaster to Brian and Brittney Perkins, 1441 Ronald Road, Springfield; $118,500

Chad M. Miller and Sarah E. Welch to Luc G. Grondin, 645 A Villa Road, Springfield; $42,500

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