Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-CV-0463 - American Car Crushing Inc., Columbus, v. Michael F. Morgan, 2400 Springfield Xenia Road, complaint in foreclosure for property located at 2634 Rocket Ave., plaintiff requests the property be transferred to him immediately and for new deed naming him the property owner, that defendant be ordered off the property by Oct. 30 and that personal property on the property be frozen and defendant not be allowed to dispose of it, etc.

18-CV-0468 - Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, v. Brian P. Green, Enon, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 205 Fairfield Pike, Enon, for $153,430.

18-CV-0473 - Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, v. Timothy M. Callicoat, 5944 Troy Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $105,637.

18-CV-0475 - The Huntington National Bank, Columbus, v. Ronald A. Casdorph, 379 Mount Joy St., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $64,832.

18-CV-0482 - JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., v. Dawn E. Kettlehake aka Dawn E. Rhouma, 2910 W. Jackson Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $120,328.

18-CV-0484 - Rosemary Sebring, spouse, and Paddy Sebring, deceased, Warren, v. First Energy Corp., Akron, and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus, notice of appeal.

18-CV-0485 - La’Precious Anthony, 524 Monaco Dr., and Dre’Untay Davenport, 2405 Hillside Ave., v. Jocelyn Higgenbotham and Tonya Higgenbotham, 239 Rosewood Ave., et al., complaint in excess of $25,000 for damages and injuries suffered in an auto accident on Jan. 1, 2017.

18-DS-0836 - Cassaundra Marie Jenks, Fairborn, and Tyler Keith Jenks, Fairborn, petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DP-0837 - Erin Lewis, 619 E. Cassilly St., v. Derrick Suttles, 619 E. Cassilly St., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

18-DP-0838 - Isabel Gonzalez, P.O. Box 6100, v. Sean Maynard Jr., Fairborn, petition for civil stalking protection order.

18-DP-0839 - Ashley Miller, 1633 Karr St., v. Chris Columbus, Van Wert, petition for civil stalking protection order.

18-DP-0840 - Michelle Newman, 1327 Driscoll Ave., v. Brian Newman Sr., 2850 E. Main St., Room #24, petition for civil sexually oriented offense protection order.

18-DR-0841 - William R. Titley, Fairborn, v. Robyn Titley, Tipp City, complaint for divorce.


Paula J. Fitch v. Joseph E. Benson, Sr., decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Christina Webster v. Timothy Hause, case voluntarily dismissed.

Jennifer L. Deaton v. David W. Birt Jr., case voluntarily dismissed.

Cara Southern v. Joseph Southern, case voluntarily dismissed.

Preston Hill v. Zachary Payton, case voluntarily dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Michael P. Williams, convicted of receiving stolen property, 17 months prison to be served concurrently with another sentence.

State of Ohio v. Kevin Bowshier, convicted of two counts theft, nine months prison with credit for jail time served for felony theft and six months jail for misdemeanor theft to run concurrently with felony theft sentence.

State of Ohio v. Ernest Ewers, case dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as Trustee, v. Cathy L. Massie fka Cathy L. Rollins, et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA, v. Todd Michael Christensen, et al., judgment in rem.

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, v. Kyle J. Delane, et al., judgment for $115,716.

Kenneth D. Christman, M.D., v. Casey Stoermer, judgment for $15,778.

State of Ohio v. Shaqueeta Terrell, convicted of receiving stolen property, six months jail with credit for time served.

State of Ohio v. Robert Francis Jackson, convicted of robbery, two years prison with credit for jail time served, three years post-release control mandatory.

State of Ohio v. Matthew Goodridge, convicted of possession of cocaine, eight months prison with credit for jail time served.

State of Ohio v. Alysha Cook, convicted of receiving stolen property, 10 months prison with credit for jail time served.

Pamela S. Garrett, et al., v. Judy A. Griffin, et al., case dismissed with prejudice.


Marriage Licenses

Ralph Kyle Gringoyon Terry, 26, Tremont City, military, and Christina Patricia Fearon, 20, Bellefontaine, working student.

Jamie Allen Reeder, 44, 3834 Dayton-Springfield Road, Lot A12, disabled, and Kara Beth Wagner, 44, 3834 Dayton-Springfield Road, Lot A12, disabled.

Michael Brandon Littler, 19, Huber Heights, laborer, and Selinda Lea Sizemore, 29, Medway, emergency management.


Property Transfers

Clint A. and Tina M. Bleything to Rick L. Drugmand, 1615 Sierra Ave., Springfield; $82,900.

Alyn K. Flowers to Gary R. Shope, 3100 Derr Road, Springfield; $90,000.

Christa L. Lewis Griggs to Charles E. Bremer Jr., and Eileen M. Bremer, 4345 Tudor Cir., Springfield; $134,900.

Samuel and Debbie Langsdorf to Shikira L. and Mark A. McWhorter, 2435 Green Knoll Dr., Springfield; $191,000.

Lawrence T. and Patricia L. Lange to Lawrence T. Lange, 2755 Danbury Road, Springfield; no fee.

John L. and Emma J. Scott to Charles L. and Barbara J. Tull, 2801 Springfield-Jamestown Road, Springfield; $162,000.

Cody S. Sarensen and Margaret A. Maloney to Dale M. and Joyce A. Eichelberger, 2642 Casey Dr., Springfield; $121,500.

David M. and Anastasia M. Smith to Justin K. and Lauren E. Houseman, 2524 Rebecca Dr., Springfield; $184,900.

Donna Cole Dolbeer to David N. and Gayle L. Funk, 2915 Avery Cir., Springfield; $91,500.

US Bank NA, Trustee, to Craig and Amanda Jahns, 918 and 0 W. Rose St., Springfield; $26,600.

MidFirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 519 Mead Lane, Springfield; no fee.

David Vinton Heffner to Phillip L. Hoelscher, 1443 Jefferson St., Springfield; no fee.

Lola B. and Leland A. Moorehead to Leland A. Moorehead, 1224 Innisfallen Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Brinita Denise Bush to Roe Roe Rentals LLC, 1170 S. Bell Ave., Springfield; $17,000.

M & A Sparrow Properties LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 405-407 Bechtle Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Ryan Gould to Duncan Muchiri, 2440 E. High St., Springfield; $68,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Profit Making Ventures LLC, 15 Roseland Ave., W., Springfield; $34,500.

William C. Flaker to Shannon Collins, 57 S. Sycamore St., Springfield; $55,000.

IBC Properties LLC to EMTODBO Properties, 1021 N. Limestone St., Springfield; $138,000.

David C. Black and Lauren D. Howser to Derek M. Young, 251 Ridge Road, Springfield; $65,500.

Tackett Investments LLC to Emily and David Burgess, 511 Glenapple Dr., New Carlisle; $118,000.

William S. Oder and Katherine H. Living to William S. and Katherine H. Oder, 4605, 4565 and 0 E. National Road, Springfield; no fee.

James H. Protsman to James H. Protsman Jr., 14-16 E. Jamestown St., South Charleston; no fee.

Karen S. McGee, Trustee, to Allyson L. and Matthew P. Brummitt, 3109 Uplands Dr., Springfield; $88,000.

Matthew A. and Kristy L. Kurtz to Matthew A. Kurtz, 4834 Tulane Road, Springfield; no fee.

Tammy J. Remley to Darrrell K. Brown Jr., and Tamara J. Brown, 4835 Middle Urbana Road, Springfield; $110,000.

Jackie D. McPeek and Ellen R. McPeek to Samuel B. Algren, 40 N. Main St., North Hampton; $73,000.

Ryan L. and Angela L. Hect to Angela L. Hect and R L H, 11372 and 0 Old Columbus Road, South Vienna; no fee.

Chakeres Theatres Inc., to United Entertainment Corp., 3115-3117 E. National Road and 0 E. National Road, four parcels; 3222-3222 ½, 3180, 3020, 3018 and 3014 Maplewood Ave., and 0 Maplewood Ave., two parcels; and 67 and 57 Fourth Ave., Springfield; $800,000.

Andrew T. Smith to David Raymond Michael, 2077 Hillside Ave., Springfield; $25,000.

Limestone Center LLC to Mansfield Investments LLC, 1640 N. Limestone St., Springfield; no fee.

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