Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0145: Goldman Sachs Mortgage Company v. Clark County Treasurer, Theodore Fost, Theodore Foster, Theodore Foster Sr., Jane Doe unknown spouse of Theodore Foster Sr., foreclosure.

Marriage licenses:

Dawn Harris, 42, of 1625 S. Limestone St., shift manager and Marvin Levering, 41, of 1625 S. Limestone St., unemployed.

Robert Pitsch, 67, of 45 Beech Dr., retired and Michelle Smart, 35, of 862 Weinland St., kitchen designer.

Jodi Rizek, 43, of 11 N. Urbana St., PO BOX 58, project manager and William Yeary, 49, of 11 N. Urbana St., PO BOX 58, title services specialist.

Tahia Reavers, 45, of 280 Johnson Ave., service coordinator and Audley Ferguson, 41, of 280 Johnson Ave., none.

Property transfers:

Daniel L. and Nancy A. Everhart to Daniel L. and Nancy A. Everhart Trustees, 1823 Fox Ridge Dr., Springfield; no fee

Lee R. and Wanda L. Wellman to Lee R. Wellman, 4409 Willowbrook Dr., Springfield; no fee

Laura E. Green and John G. Norton to Christopher M. and Cynthia M. Dickens, 5291 Hearthstone Dr., Springfield; $382,000

Victoria E. Stewart to Victoria E. and James E. Sherrock IV, 3050 Myers Road, Springfield; no fee

Jason W. and Michael A. Coleman to Jason W. Coleman, 3040 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; no fee

James V. and Debra A. Ketcheson to Natalie F. and Bradley Farley, 2640 N. Dayton-Lakeview Road, New Carlisle; $85,000

WJHOH LLC to Karen R. Howard, 268 Hampton Trail, Springfield; $166,000

William V. and Karen E. Bates to Anthony L. and Shirley D. Shoup, 8005 Jones Road, South Vienna; $36,900

Stephen M. and Karen E. Wilmoth to Sam Chheang and Sayann A. Yun, 4520 Mahar Road, South Vienna; $244,900

Jeffrey L. and Rita A. Pence to Jeffrey L. Pence, 13261 Broadgauge Road, South Vienna; no fee

Dawn Green and Jacqueline Demory to Mark E. Kelley and Sarah D. Clark, 6045 Pleasant Chapel Road, Mechanicsburg; $130,000

US Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2165 S. Yellow Springs St., Springfield; no fee

Teddy W. and Renate M. Roland to Teddy W. Roland, 740 White Oak Dr., Springfield; no fee

Wilfred J. and Patricia L. Golden to Patricia L. Golden Trustee, 490 Aberfelda Dr., Springfield; no fee

Kelly M. Belcher and Roy S. Becher II to Kerrie and Garry L. Kimpel, 4120 Sintz Road, Springfield; $188,000

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