Clark County Common Pleas cases

New Cases

19-DR-0392 — Nichole E. Gugate, of Springfield, vs. Brian K. Fugate, of South Charleston.

19-DR-0393 — Janet E. Eniles vs. Keith G. Niles.

19-DR-0397 — Deyma Ortega vs. Abimael Perez.

19-DR-0398 Brenda C. Patterson vs. Gregory D. Patterson.

Current Business:

State of Ohio vs. Richard E. Burks IV, convicted of violation fo community control sanctions, community control revoked, sentenced to 36 months in prison.

17-CV-0673 — Heather Mommaerts vs. Alicia LeRouge et al., order of dismissal.

19-CV-0346 — U.S. Bank N.A. vs. Brittney L. Gibson, also known as Brittney L. Langford et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs

19-DS-0328 — Tammy Lynn Juarez, of Springfield vs. Disciplina Ruben Juarez, of Springfield, decree of dissolution of marriage.

19-DP-0394 — Carolyn Belcher vs. Brent Petty, petition is hereby dismissed

19-DP-0431 — Selena Mithcell vs. Kyle Baisden, civil stalking protection order granted after full hearing, court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that respondent has knowingly engaged in a pattern of conduct that caused petitioner to believe that the respondent will cause physical harm or cause or has caused mental distress.

19-DP-0432 — Jessica Grolla vs. Lorenzo Williams, petition is hereby dismissed

19-DR-0430 — Debra K. Friece vs. Kenneth R. Friece, dismissal entry

Probate Court:

Marriage License:

Alec Jarrod Jackson Filtz, 22, a Honda Assembler, of Springfield and Anastasia Evalina Ives, 22, a bartender, of Dayton

Davideshayne Wells, 42, a mason and Aubrey Lyn Thompson, 42, a lean materials management, both of Springfield

Jeremy David Combs, 44, Artist, and Emily Michael Maurer, 45, an artist/teacher, both of Springfield.

Property transfers

Rayna Thompson Jenssen to Stephen M. and Eleina M. Foster, 1919 Cheviot Hills Dr., Springfield; $187,500.

Michelle R. and Shane R. Boles to Steven P. Hawk, 2725 Danbury Road, Springfield; $139,900.

Daniel L. Stanley and Cindy M. Waddle to Brandy N. Rexroad and John A. Miller, 714 Mohawk Dr., Springfield; $302,000.

Nancy L. Zimmerman to Wayne and Patricia L. Wiseman, 1944 Wedgewood Cr., Springfield; $180,000.

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