Braxton Miller shares his success with Springfield ministry that helped shape him

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Braxton Miller talking about growing up in Springfield

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Braxton Miller came back to Springfield delivering a $45,000 check from a national nonprofit to one of his favorite local organizations.

He presented the check from bluePrint Inc., a national nonprofit to Inside Out, a local ministry that serves at-risk youth and families in need. The ministry plans to use the money for renovations and to continue to develop.

Miller is a former Ohio State Buckeye standout who now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Inside Out hosted an all-day community open house Friday to celebrate the gift and give the community a chance to meet their hometown hero.

“The first thing I wanted to do once I reached my goals was to give back to the youth and, you know, the whole city. I just want to reinvent the city in a good way. This is what God had in my heart and I always wanted to do this,” Miller said .

The donation is part of a larger effort to help Inside Out become a stronger community asset. The event and project is part of a documentary being produced by bluePrint, Inc., which helps celebrities assist a cherished nonprofit in their hometown.

The national group strives to create “positive social disruption,” in order to create change, according to blueprint’s website and cofounder, Hanna Gebremedhin.

“The idea is to invigorate grass-root nonprofits, via an influencer, or someone who is famous in their town,” said Gebremedhin.

The donation is part of a multiphase project. The first is to determine the total donation amount needed. After the entire donation amount is determined, bluePrint looks for local sponsors to help donate a sufficient amount to initiate the second stage, explained Gebremedhin.

The second stage is to work with the non-profit on its business operations for a year. A base operation fund is established, and the money is managed for the first year while the group becomes accustomed to working as an efficient nonprofit, said Gebremedhin.

Miller said he is thrilled about the project and the potential for the future of his city. He credits Inside Out with his success. “This is what I grew up on, playing basketball, it’s all I knew,” said Miller.