Beggar’s Night in Clark County moved from Saturday to Halloween — despite boo’s from parents

Clark County’s long-standing date for trick-or-treat has moved — but the change is being ‘boo’ed by hundreds of Clark County parents.

Last week, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office announced that Beggar’s Night would be moved from the Saturday before Halloween to the day-of, Thursday, Oct. 31.

In a post on the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Facebook, Sheriff Deb Burchett said she apologizes for moving the date, but knows there will never be a perfect date that fits everyone’s schedule.

“We understand that many people have historically planned their Halloween events following Beggar’s night being held during the weekend. We also have heard from just as many people thanking us and letting us know they appreciate the date being moved,” the statement said. “We realize the change can be difficult and apologize for any inconvenience.”

The Sheriff’s Office’s statement said trick-or-treating was ultimately moved in order to, “keep consistent with neighboring communities.”

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Almost 15 other communities surrounding Clark County are also planning to Beggar’s Night on Halloween, including West Liberty, Yellow Springs, Madison County and Centerville.

Springfield mom Jamie McKinnon said she signed an online petition to move the night back to its original date. The petition named, “Keep Clark County, OH Beggar’s Night On the Last Saturday in October,” had over 2,500 signatures by Wednesday afternoon.

“I understand many other places hold their Trick or Treat on the 31st, but we generally never have. Why fix what isn’t broken? Please sign this petition if you feel as we feel,” the petition’s bio on says.

McKinnon said friends and family travel from far away to spend the day with her, her husband and their two kids.

“For that to change to a weekday, with two parents that work during the day, it can be hard to get those kids ready and eat and get out the door to trick or treat,” McKinnon said.

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Another Springfield mom, Claire Linkhart, agrees with McKinnon. She said she gets home every weeknight from her job in Columbus at 6 p.m. — on a good day — and having to rush home will take away the fun of what trick or treat is supposed to be about.

“One of the plus sides of it being on a Saturday, it wasn’t just my husband and I, it was neighbors, it was friends, it was family who lived out of town. They were able to travel to help the kids get ready,” Linkhart said. “It was much more than just a two hour ordeal.”

But some parents are happy for the change, Troy Schultz said because trick-or-treating will now take place on Thursday night he will get to help his stepkids dress up and go out in the neighborhood for the first time.

“I have kids and I work on the weekends and because of my job on the weekends I wouldn’t have been able to take them,” Schultz said. “I’m ecstatic.”

Mom of two, Jerika Huber also works weekends and is looking forward to taking her son and daughter out on the new Thursday date.

“I’m thankful they switched it,” she said. “It works great for my little family.”

Beggar’s Night for Clark County is scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 31.

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