Athlete of the Week Mechanicsburg High School

Ben Stroud

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Ben Stroud

Name: Ben Stroud

School: Mechanicsburg High School

Grade: 12

Age: 18

Sports: Wrestling

Words you live by: "There is never enough time to do it once, but there is always enough time to do it over again."

Toughest opponent: Myself

Biggest influence: My dad

Game-day rituals: Get up early and pack all of my stuff for the meet the day of the meet

What's on your bedroom walls: Paint

When I'm bored I like to … Go find something to work on outside

Favorite movie: The Guardian

Person who would play you in a movie: Jim Carrey

Favorite TV show: King of the Hammers

Favorite book: Eragon (all four books)

Favorite home-cooked meal: Sausage, biscuits and gravy

Favorite restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Whose mind would you like to read: My mom's because she knows way more than I do

Place where you'd love to travel: Johnson Valley, California

Talent you'd like to have: Play the guitar

Favorite school subject: Agriculture

Something in the world I'd like to change: Gas prices

Favorite sports moment: My sophomore year in high school, at the state dual tournament round 1 when our team beat the opposing team 84-0, which was the highest score able to be achieved

Favorite junk food: Swedish fish

Best thing about your favorite sport: The physical shape that I get in and the physical and mental strength required to be a competitive wrestler

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