911 calls released in Ohio 235 crash that killed 13-year-old girl

911 calls painted a frightening scene of the accident on Ohio 235 north of State Route 41 that killed a 13-year-old girl on Thursday night.

“There’s a bad accident, car over, hit by a semi,” one caller says in a bit of a panic. “On its top – can’t see the driver. Airbags deployed.”

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At one point during the call, you can hear the caller yell at someone to step back from a vehicle because it started smoking. He tells the dispatcher the semi truck is carrying what he believes to be natural gas.

“Yeah, I don’t see a driver”, the caller says. “I can’t see a driver. I can’t see if she’s – or he’s got any passengers.”

Another call adds to the accident’s severity.

“Accident, multiple vehicle, semi-involved. You might send a couple squads,” the second caller says.

A third call into dispatch describes the vehicle as upside down, but the caller wasn’t able to give any additional description.

Ohio 235 was closed for hours Thursday night as crews cleaned up accident wreckage and gas that was spilled on the roadway.

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