2017 Clark County Fair results: See who won their shows

2017 Clark County Fair results


Senior Division Winners

Ages 15 and over

First place: Skylar Plank; Second place: Mackenzie Grimm; Third place: Angie Distil; Fourth place: Nick McComas; Fifth place: Tyler Novak


Ages 13 and 14

First place: Gracie Leonard; Second place: Paige Phillips; Third place: Codee Reed; Fourth place: Kaitlyn Goodfellow; Fifth place: Mikayla Blair.


Ages 11 and 12

First place: Drew Weymouth; Second place: Grant Goodfellow; Third place: Andrew Flax; Fourth place: Gregory Flax; Fifth place: Philip Welsheimer.

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Ages 8, 9 and 10

First place: Lara Rittenhouse; Second place: Peyton Bumgardner; Third place: Garrett Agle; Fourth place: Josie Jennings; Fifth place: Ben Orr.


Breeding Beef


Summer Yearling Heifer

First place: Tyler Novak, champion; Second place: Libby Ison, reserve champion; Third place: Libby Ison

Spring Yearling Heifer

First place: Hunter Preston; Second place: Braidy Preston

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Junior Heifer

First place: Laramie Reed, champion; Second place: Codee Reed

Spring Yearling Heifer

First place: Maximus Krempasky, reserve

All other breeds

Junior Heifer

First place: Katie Weeks; Second place: Gracie Scott

Spring Yearling Heifer

First place: Gracie Leonard; Second place: Josie Jennings; Third place: Darci Brown

Cow & Calf

First place: Katie Weeks, champion; Second place: Hannah Weymouth, reserve.


Junior Heifer

First place: Paige Phillips, reserve

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Spring Yearling Heifer

First place: Peyton Phillips

Cow & Calf

First place: Paige Phillips, champion

Semi Yearling Heifer

First place: Graci Leonard

Glebvieh Balancer Junior Calf, Spring Yearling, Purebred Spring Yearling

First Place: Lara Rittenhouse


Age 8

First place: Maila Snyder; Second place: Sopheya Pencil; Third place: Grace Tuttle

Age 9

First place: Lydia Kaverman; Second place: Daniel Stacy; Third place: Lilly Powell

Age 10

First place: Grace Scott; Second place: Kyleigh VanDyne; Third place: Brody McFann

Age 11

First place: Macy Young; Second place: Alyssa Christian; Third place: Spencer Pelfrey

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Age 12

First place: Haley Wright; Second place: Brandon Wieneke; Third place: Holden Bailey

Age 13

First place: Taylor Blanton; Second place: Jenna Bailey; Third place: Mason Potter

Age 14

First place: JJ Legge Jr.; Second place: Makenna Young; Third place: Grace Gundolf

Age 15

First place: Sierra Potter; Second place: Tyler Novak; Third place: Kilee Mastin

Age 16

First place: Maleigha Young; Second place: Allison Raber; Third place: Abigail Erter

Age 17

First place: Madison Carver; Second place: Lizzie Weaver; Third place: Keegan Flanegin

Age 18

First place: Elizabeth Sakaitis; Second place: Chris Baird; Third place: Jessica Fisher

Beginner Division Showmanship

First place: Lydia Kaverman; Second place: Grace Scott

Intermediate Division Showmanship

First place: JJ Legge Jr.; Second place: Makenna Young

Senior Division Showmanship

First place: Elizabeth Sakaitis; Second place: Maleigha Young

Dairy Female Show

Grade Junior Heifer Calf

First place: Cortney Floyd; Second place: Bailey Powell

Grade Intermediate Heifer Calf

First Place: Emmalie Hardacre; Second place: Katelin McKee; Third place: Hannah Suver

Grade Senior Heifer Calf

First and Second place: Ellie Gehret

Grade Summer Yearling Heifer

First place: Macy Timmons; Second place: Cheyenne Mendehall

Grade Junior Yearling Heifer

First place: David Gehret

Grade Intermediate Yearling Heifer

First place: Rebekah Hardacre; Second place: Grace Suver

Grade Senior Yearling Heifer

First place: Hannah Suver

Grade Cow, Junior 2

First and second place: Libby Ison

Grade Cow, 5 years

First place: Spencer Pelfrey; Second place: Bailey Powell


Intermediate Heifer Calf

First and second place: Macy Young

Senior Heifer Calf

First place: Lydia Kaverman; Second place: Trent Green

Summer Yearling

First place: Lydia Kaverman

Intermediate Yearling Heifer

First place: Austin Yoder, junior champion

Jersey Cow

Senior 2

First place: Makenna Young

3 years

First place: Maliegha Young

4 years

First place: Lydia Kaverman, senior champion

Holstein Junior Heifer Calf

First place: Austin Yoder

Senior Heifer Calf

First place: Macy Timmons, junior champion

Holstein Cow

4 years

First place: Austin Yoder; Second place: Bailey Powell

5 years and over

First place: Bailey Powell, senior champion

Brown Swiss

Junior Heifer

First place: Holden Bailey; second place: Grace Storck; third place: Abigail Erter

Summer Yearling Heifer

First place: Faith Gundolf; Second place: Trinity Berry

Junior Yearling Heifer

First place: Elizabeth Sakaitis, junior champion

Cow, 4 years

First place: Grace Storck; Second place: Abigail Erter

Cow, 5 years and over

First place: Elizabeth Sakaitis, senior champion

Brianna Floyd was chosen Dairy Princess.

Dairy Showmanship Winners

Junior  (ages 8-13)

Lily McKee; Lydia Kaverman; Serenity Roth-Powers; Nathaniel Boysel; Katelin McKee; Spencer Pelfrey; Macy Young; Holden Bailey; Lukas Boysel; Macy Timmons; Austin Yoder; Rebekah Hardacre; Austin McKee; Cheyenne Mendenhall; Grace Suver.

Senior (ages 14-18)

Trinity Berry; Trent Green; Hannah Suver; Abigail Erter; Emmalie Hardacre; Cortney Floyd; Elizabeth Delaney; Bailey Powell; Elizabeth Sakaitis. Trent Green, dairy showman of showmen.

Dairy Champions

Lydia Kaverman: Jersey Junior, Jersey Reserve Junior, Jersey Senior, Jersey Champion female, Supreme Champion female; Austin Yoder, Holstein Junior, Holstein Senior; Macy Timmons, Holstein Reserve Junior; Hannah Suver, Grade Junior; Rebekah Hardacre, Grade Reserve Junior; Faith Gundolf, Brown Swiss Junior: Elizabeth Sakaitis, Brown Swiss Reserve Junior, Brown Swiss Senior, Brown Swiss Champion Female; Makenna Young, Jersey Reserve Senior, Jersey Reserve Champion Female; Bailey Powell, Holstein Reserve Senior, Grade Reserve Senior and Holstein Champion Female; Spencer Pelfrey, Grade Senior, Holstein Reserve Champion female and Grade Champion female; Grace Storck, Brown Reserve Champion Female and Brown Swiss Reserve Senior.



Age 18

First place: Skylar Plank; Second place: Landon Rhoads; Third place: Rachael League

Age 17

First place: Payton Thompson; Second place: Katie Ericken; third place Dean Wells

Age 16

First place: Logan Barclay; Second place: Ethan Spracklen; Third place: Ali Rairden

Age 15

First place: Vicky Johnson; Second place: Kole Valrath; Third place: Levi Cotterman

Showmanship Champion: Payton Thompson


Age 14

First place: Brooke Rhoads; Second place: Hannah Swensen; Third place: Lydia Henry

Age 13

First place: Baileigh Rhoads; Second place: Blane Ferguson; Third place: Colton Roberts. Showmanship Champion: Brooke Rhoads.

Age 12

First place: Kelsey Vollrath; Second place: Evan Henry; Third place: Luke Spracklen.

Age 11

First place: Cassidy Lusk; Second place: Kimberle Henry; Third place: Gracey Ferguson.

Showmanship Champion: Kelsey Vollrath.


Age 10

First place: Mia Nelson; Second place: Eli Keplinger; Third place: Tate Swensen.

Age 9

First place: Sarah Waddle; Second place: Blake Vollrath; Third place: Kadan Harris.

Age 8

First place: Ava Vallery; Second place: Bryce Hillard; Third place: Olivia Deane. Showmanship Champion: Mia Nelson.


4-H Market Turkey

Class 101

First place: Mary Sulfridge; Second place: Joseph Sulfridge; Third place: Victoria Tillman.

Class 102

First Place; Emily Taylor, champion and grand overall; Second place: Kaylee Kaffenbarger, reserve champion and grand reserve; Third place: Shianne Kirby

FFA Market Turkey

Class 201

First place: Lane Harbage, champion; Second place: Amy Stewart, reserve champion; Third place: Jocelyn Price.

4-H Market Duck

Class 101

First place: Lacey Perks; Second place: Emma Eggeman; Third place: Collin Ryman

Class 102

First place: Skyler Davis; Second place: Brenna Haggy; Third place: Stewart Tatro

Class 103

First place: Kasin Shultz; Second place: Peyton Mercer; Third place: Claire Stott

Class 104

First place: Lucas Fissel; Second place: Emma Crist; Third place: Austin Tehan

Class 105

First place: Katelyn Tehan, reserve champion; Second place: Braylen Davis; Third place: Sara Sulfridge

Class 106

First place: Aidan Harbage, champion and reserve overall; Second place: Colby Zeller; Third place: Joseph Sulfridge

FFA Duck

Class 201

First place: Taylor Schilling; Second place: Abbey Kidd; Third place: Hannah Wildman

Class 202

First place: Colleen Smith; Second place: Gabe Potter; Third place: Dakota Lambert

Class 203

First place: John Blanton, champion and overall grand; Second place: Lane Harbage, reserve champion; Third place: Lydia Acton

Fancy Turkeys

First place: Thomas Sulfridge; Second place: Emma Stacy

Fancy Ducks

First Place: Anna Jung; Second place: Holden Baley; Third place: Ashley Bailey


First place: Claire Scott; Second place: Will Scott

Turkey Junior Showmanship

Age 11

Emma Stacey, Mary Sulfridge, Emily Taylor, Jillian Walters.

Age 12

Aidan Harbage, Kaylee Kaffenbarger, Donald Tisdale, Brandon Wieneke.

Turkey Junior Division Winners

First place: Aidan Harbage; second place Mary Sulfridge; Third place: Kaylee Kaffenbarger

Turkey Intermediate Showmanship

Ages 13 and 14

Mackenzie Blair, Thomas Sulfridge, Lane Harbage, Mary Keys, Jocelyn Price, Amy Stewart, Daniel Sulfridge, Victoria Tillman, Jacob Walters.

Turkey Intermediate Division winners:

First place: Victor Tilllman; Second place: Amy Stewart; Third place: Thomas Sulfridge

Turkey Senior Showmanship

Ages 15-18

Brice Grim, Brittany Stacey, Joseph Sulfridge, Kristen Barnettt, Shianne Kirby, Brice Grimm, Lane Harbage, Corey Bradley

Turkey Senior Division Winners

First place: Joseph Sulfridge; Second place: Kristen Barnett; Third place: Lane Harbage

Waterfowl Beginner Showmanship

Ages 8-10

First place: Alex Oldham; Second place: Stewart Tatro; Third place: Hunter Davis

Ages 11-12

First place: Aidan Harbage; Second place: Mary Sulfridge; Third place: Sara Sulfridge

Ages 13-14

First place: Daniel Sulfridge; Second place: Jenna Bailey; Third place: Peyton Seery

Ages 15 and over

First place: Anna Jung; Second place: Joseph Sulfridge; Third place: Kristen Barnett

Sheep Showmanship

Ages 8-10

First place: Olivia Seaburn; Second place: Gabrielle McNier; Third place: Kylie Locke

Ages 11-12

First place: Luke Spracklen; Second place: Cassidy Lusk; Third place: Ian Guinn

Age 13-14

First place: Katelyn Dietrich; Second place: Alyssa Lambert; Third place: Caitlin Haack

Ages 15-16

First place: Emily Lambert; Second place: Taylor Edwards; Third place: Macie Flora


Farm Market Display

First place: Kolesen McCoy

Labor Saving Device

First place: Olivia Workman

Boot Scraper

First place: Joe Campbell


First place: Zach Sanders

Tap and Dye

First place: Tye Parker

MIG/ARC Welding

First place: Jarrett Wolfe

MIG Welding

First place: Calin Jarrell

Medium Metal Project

First place: John Erbaugh

Farm Reconditioning

First place: Matt Krantz

Advanced Electrical

First place: Valerie Roach


First place: Gunner Haston

Small Wood/Home

First place: Kylie Walters

Wood Skill Board

First place: Nicholas Rogers

Medium Wood/Farm

First place: Olivia Workman

Large Wood/Home

First place: Brady Preston

Cut Flower Arrangement and Cut Flower/Single Bloom

First place: Emily Kalhert

Cut Flower/Spike

First place: Brice Fries

Terrarium and Dish Garden

First place: Mallory Goodbar

Single Potted Annual, Potted Plants, Dried Flower Arrangement and Silk Flower Arrangement

First place: Emily Kalhert

Hanging Basket/Foliage, Hanging Basket/Flowering

First place: John Erbaugh

Growing Corn

First place: Elias Berner

Dried Shelled Corn

First place: John Erbaugh


First place: Chris Baird


First place: Lane Harbage

Alfalfa Mix

First place: Troy Knox

Clover Mix

First place: Brian Kalhert


First place: Alyssa Lambert

Beets and Broccoli

First place: Emily Kalhert

Carrots, Banana Peppers and Potatoes

First place: John Erbaugh

Cucumbers and Lettuce

First place: Brice Fries

Green Beans

First place: Riley Patrick


First place: Abigail Myers

Green Peppers

First place: Taylor Cydrus


First place: Kolesen McCoy


First place: Rebecca Cardosi

Berry, Watermelon

First place: Emily Kalhert


First place: Emma Parker

Educational Safety Display

First place: Kylee Fogle

Education Display

First place: Hayley Milliron


First place: Rachel McCracken


First place: Nicole Edwards


First place: Lucas Current


First place: Hannah Weymouth


First place: Katelyn Dietrich

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