Local state trooper dies after contracting COVID-19

An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper, who most recently served in the Piqua District, died Wednesday night from COVID-19, according to according to a patrol spokesman.

The trooper, Bradley Huffman, had been hospitalized for the last two weeks.

Huffman began experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, quarantined and ultimately tested positive for the virus. He remained on quarantine and was transported to the hospital after his health declined rapidly, Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Craig S. Cvetan said.

Huffman spent just over two weeks in the hospital.

Huffman served as a trooper for more than 23 years, including at both the Xenia Post and the Piqua District Commercial Enforcement Unit.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine spoke about Huffman’s death during a press conference on Thursday. DeWine said Huffman was an Army veteran who left behind three children, along with grandchildren.

DeWine said his fellow troopers described Huffman as, “a rock for everyone to lean on,” and someone who would, “drop what he was doing to help his coworkers, friends, family and the community that he served.”

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