Street sweeping big spring program for Springfield crews, contractors

The city of Springfield’s annual street sweeping program began March 22 in the northwest quadrant and is progressing in a counterclockwise direction. The city uses an outside vendor for street sweeping services to ensure that all streets in the corporate boundary are swept at least once every year.

This year the city contracted with Dayton Sweeping Service Inc. for a contract amount not to exceed $167,468.

Before streets are swept, parking restrictions are posted a day in advance to notify residents. Only one side of the street is swept per day, allowing residents to park cars on the opposite side of their street. Inclement weather can postpone street sweeping, making it necessary for parking restrictions to be re-posted.

In addition to contracted sweeping, city crews operate two street sweepers throughout the year. They are primarily used on highly traveled streets where litter and pollution are the highest and parking restrictions aren’t necessary. They are also used to clean streets before and after large community events, such as the Memorial Day Parade.

In total more than 820 tons of debris was removed from city streets in 2015.

In addition to making our community look better, street sweeping is necessary to comply with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit requirements.

Many residents are unaware of the threat stormwater pollution poses to local streams. Not all storm drains flow to the wastewater plant for treatment. In fact many storm drains are connected to waterways so whatever ends up in storm drains flows directly to our local streams.

During dry weather, pollutants such as motor oil, antifreeze, trash, and lawn and garden products accumulate on streets, parking lots and yards. When it rains, the rainwater washes these pollutants into the storm drains.

A complete sweep of the city streets typically takes about three months and should be complete by June 30.

For more information regarding the street sweeping schedule or general street maintenance, please call the Service Department at 937-525-5800.

Ohio winters pose many challenges to the Service Department’s efforts to make our community better. The annual street sweeping program is usually our first spring program and a sign that more good things are on the horizon.

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