Lowrey named New Carlisle mayor

Mike Lowrey was named mayor and John Krabacher vice mayor of New Carlisle on Monday after taking the oath of office with three others who were elected to city council in November.

Lowrey, a lifelong New Carlisle resident, cried after council members voted him to succeed Lowell McGlothin as mayor. He will serve a term of two years in the seat.

He thanked his parents, McGlothin and others for helping him reach that position.

“I wish I could follow anybody else but Lowell. He’s been the best mayor the city has ever asked for. Following you is a tough thing to do, but I’m going to do my best,” Lowrey said.

Lowrey received six votes in favor of him becoming mayor. His father, Rick Lowrey, who is also on council, abstained from voting.

Councilmen Bill McIntire praised Lowrey for his work as a council member and his active role within the city.

“He’s one of the real assets for the city. He’s there making the airplane parade possible … we had some issues with the pool, he went out there and did fundraising with the pool, donated his time working at the pool when the rest of us didn’t do that,” McIntire said. “He really puts himself out there to make New Carlisle a great place to live.”

Krabacher was named vice mayor in a 5-2 vote. Councilmen Ethan Reynolds and newly elected councilman William Lindsey voted against his election.

McIntire said Krabacher is a man of faith who is active in the community with food kitchens and developing sustainable gardens.

Krabacher said the last two years have been especially tough, recalling the resignations of city manager and the fire department chief.

But he said the city has persevered.

Krabacher credited McGlothin’s leadership for keeping the city moving forward.

McGlothin remains on council, but he is running for an open Clark County commission seat in 2016.

Other council members who took the oath of office after winning a seat on council in November included: Lowrey, McIntire, Reynolds and Lindsey, a political newcomer who won one of four open seats on council in November.

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