Democrat running for Clark County auditor drops out of race

The Democrat set to run for Clark County auditor has dropped out of the race.

John Young, who was supposed to be on the November ballot facing incumbent John Federer, wrote in a notice to the Clark County Board of Elections that he cannot run.

“Regretfully, I must withdraw as the Democratic candidate in the election to be held this November for Clark County Auditor,” Young wrote in a withdrawal notice. “For various reasons, I feel that I must withdraw as a candidate at this time.”

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Young cited personal reasons when contacted by the Springfield News-Sun. He said he needs to tend to family, some in Baltimore, and said he wants to focus on helping Ohioans understand new voter registration laws now that the Supreme Court has ruled that Ohio is allowed to purge their voter rolls if a voter is inactive for a period of time.

Young is the second Democrat running for county office to withdraw from the race. Pamela Dixon, who planned on running for a seat on the Clark County commission dropped out of her race as well. Young said there is no connection between Dixon dropping out and him doing so.

“The party has the time and opportunity to replace me with someone else,” Young said.

Young said he hopes to continue in local politics. He’s also a teacher at Wittenberg and is the associate dean of multi-cultural student programs at the school.

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“I plan to be involved in local county politics which includes the issues that matter in the Springifeld/Clark County community,’ he wrote in his withdrawal notice. “I have been a resident of clark County for 38 years and I will continue to be engaged, as an active citizen, with others in addressing the challenges that face the community.”

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