Springfield students set to donate bowls to Springfield needy

Springfield City School students are going out of their way to help those who are hungry in the community.

On Monday, students attending the Springfield School of Innovation will give away about 40 bowls they made to the Springfield Soup Kitchen at the first ‘Bowl’s for Life’ event.

The bowls will go to some of the neediest people in Springfield, including a lot of kids who are often hungry in the community.

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“What we want to do is give back to the community, allow people that are in need, especially those who are hungry, to feel our support,” Visual Arts Teacher Jefferey Brunner said. “At the School of Innovation, we have objective and goals, one of which is to make sure we support the community in Springfield. This was a natural outgrowth of the ceramic department.”

Students from the School for Innovation made food safe ceramic bowls in class and will donate them to the soup kitchen. Fred Stegner runs the soup kitchen and said he hopes the experience makes a big impact on the students.

“When these students look into the eyes of those who receive these bowls, they will get much more reward than anything monetary they can get,” Stegner said. “It will stay with them for the rest of their lives and that’s good.”

The group will make sure every needy child that shows up will get a bowl to call their own, Stegner said, adding that many of the children the soup kitchen serves don’t have anything to call their own.

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Brunner said the students who are taking part in the event are benefiting through the understanding of the manufacturing process and learning about the gift of giving and helping the community.

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