Springfield may play 2019-20 football season at SHS stadium due to damage at Evans

Due to significant structural damage to the Springfield City School District’s Evan Stadium press box, the Wildcats might play their upcoming football season at SHS stadium, according to statement from the district.

Excessive rain and wind damage to the press box has forced the district to consult with a local engineering firm to assess the damage. The damage occurred in June, according to the statement.

“Based on current discussions, it appears that needed repairs or replacement of the press box cannot be completed in time for the 2019-2020 Springfield High School football season,” Hill said.

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Hill said the district has begun discussions with C & N Contractors, a structural engineer, the district’s maintenance supervisor and the athletic director.

“It appears that most of the damage is located within the interior studs and structural components of the press box, as well as the steps leading up to the second level of the facility,” Hill said.

According to the statement from the district, an initial inspection of the press box on June 28 produced a recommendation that states, “The storm damage assessment showed that the structure suffered from water damage to the interior stud framing to the point of structural failure. It is recommended that you prohibit any further access to the press box structure until necessary repairs or complete replacement of the structure can be made.”

If additional reports from the structural engineer match those of initial discover, the Wildcats will in fact be forced to the play their 2019-20 football season at the SHS stadium located at 701 E. Home Road, Hill said.

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“While we realize this decision is not ideal, we always make the safety of our students, staff and community the first priority,” Hill said. “Our district is fortunate to have another modern turf field available for use by our football Wildcats this season.”

Evans stadium has been part of the Springfield City District for many years, the statement said, and due to different needs the middle school Wildcats football program will continue to compete at the stadium for their 2019-20 season.

“We will continue to communicate additional findings and details to make this transition to the SHS stadium for the 2019-20 school year enjoyable,” Hill said.

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