Here is how Champaign County school districts scored on state report cards

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Mechanicsburg Exempted Village School District is among the highest rated districts in Champaign County, according to state report cards released today.

Mechanicsburg received an overall grade of “B,” for the second year in a row.

In addition to the overall grade, data from the report card shows Mechanicsburg had a 100% four -year graduation rate of 2018, making it one of only 25 districts in the state that had a perfect rate.

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Triad Local School District was the only Champaign County district to raise their overall grade this year. The district rose from a “D” to a “C.”

West Liberty-Salem Local School District was the only district that fell in their overall grade. The district fell from a “B” to a ”C.”

Urbana City School District’s grade was a “D”, which what it earned last year.

Each school and district in the state has received a report card with an A-F grade.

More than half of each school’s overall grade depends on how students perform on state tests each spring. Six factors are nearly evenly weighted- achievement, progress and “gap closing” on state tests, plus graduation rate, improving K-3 reading and a “prepared for success” measure based on high school accomplishments.

Here is how every other district in Champaign County scored:

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Graham Local School District: C

Triad Local School District: C

Urbana City School District: D

West-Liberty Salem Local School District: C

According to statistics from the state report card, here is every school in Champaign County’s 4-year graduation rate for the 2018-19 school year:

Mechanicsburg Exempted Village: 100%

West Liberty-Salem Local School District: 97.7%

Triad Local: 93.6%

Graham Local School District: 93.3%

Urbana City School District: 85.7%

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