Clark State recruiting for engineering innovation and phone games

Clark State Community College is recruiting middle and high school students from Madison, Clark, Champaign, Logan, Miami, Montgomery and Greene counties for the Johns Hopkins University Engineering Innovation and Phone & Games programs to be held in the summer of 2017.

Applicants must be in ninth through 12th grades and have completed biology, physics or chemistry and Algebra II (with knowledge of sines, cosines and tangents). Students must have earned at least a B in all math and science classes, are required to write an essay expressing interest in the program and be recommended by a math or science teacher.

Engineering Innovation students who earn a grade of B or higher will receive three credits from Johns Hopkins University.

The application for Engineering Innovation will open on Dec. 15. The program will be held for four weeks at Clark State’s Leffel Lane campus beginning June 26.

The Phone & Games program, open to students in sixth through eighth grades is offered to qualified students who show an interest in engineering related to mathematics and coding. Applicants must have at least a B in science and math classes, write an essay expressing interesting in the program and be recommended by a math or science teacher.

Phone & Games applications are being accepted now and will be reviewed in February 2017. The Phone & Games program will be held for one week at Clark State beginning June 19.

Roslyn Bullock of Springfield continues to fully sponsor American Math Competitions for Clark County schools, Johns Hopkins STEM programs at Clark State Community College and two interactive community math lectures.

Visit to learn about applicant eligibility and to access applications for the Johns Hopkins Summer STEM programs. Schools interested in learning more about the Engineering Innovation and Phone & Games programs can contact Clark State STEM Programming Manager Kanesha Hall at 937-328-6079.

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