Is Uber’s $25/Month Subscription Worth It?

If you're a big fan of ridesharing services and food delivery, Uber Pass can be a great way to get the best of both worlds. But is it worth the cost?

In this article, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about Uber Pass including whether it makes financial sense.

I recently signed up for Uber Pass as a way to save money on food delivery. I occasionally use Uber to get places as well, but mostly I use UberEats to try different restaurants. That’s why Uber Pass appealed to me in the first place.

Here are five things to know about Uber Pass.

1. What Is Uber Pass and How Does it Work?

Uber Pass is a subscription service that includes the company’s ridesharing services along with its food delivery business.
There is no separate app for Uber Pass: It’s basically a pass to access more features through the Uber and UberEats apps, which are available for Android and iOS.
The service’s first iteration, Uber’s Ride Pass, launched in 2018 in a handful of cities before being offered in more locations.

2. Where Is Uber Pass Available?

The company hasn’t published a list of cities where Uber Pass is available. Uber says if you have the Uber app, you should look to see if the Uber Pass icon is in the vertical menu.

3. How Much Does Uber Pass Cost?

Uber Pass costs $24.99 a month (about $300 a year). That’s a steep increase from the $14.99 fee for Ride Pass when it started, but that service didn’t incorporate UberEats.
When you sign up for Uber Pass, you can get the service free for one week (as of this writing).

4. What Are the Benefits of Uber Pass?

Uber Pass discounts the fares on all the ridesharing levels. ou get 10% off on the following:
  • UberX: Private rides of up to four people
  • UberXL: Rideshare for up to six people in van or SUV 
  • Comfort ride: Rideshare in more spacious vehicles
And you get 15% off everywhere in the United States (except Puerto Rico) on the following rides (descriptions from Uber’s website):
  • Black: Top drivers in luxurious vehicles
  • Premier: Rideshare in luxury sedans
  • SUV: Rideshare in upscale SUVs

With Uber Pass, you also get free food delivery via UberEats and 5% off all orders on participating restaurants when you spend $15 or more.

5. Is Uber Pass Worth the Cost?

Uber Pass is the company’s attempt to keep customers in its ecosystem with ridesharing and food delivery benefits, but you may balk at the price.
Competitors like DoorDash and Instacart charge less than $20 for their monthly services, but no rideshare benefits are included. As Uber continues to add value to the service (it’s getting into the grocery business in select markets) it may make sense to pay $24.99 each month for the rides and food you need.
But the bottom line is to make sure you’re using Uber’s services enough to justify paying the monthly fee. Before you sign up for Uber Pass, jot down the number of times you’ve used a rideshare service and ordered takeout in the past 30 days.
If you eat out a lot and need transportation, Uber Pass just might make financial sense for your food habits and lifestyle.

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