Greenon high school football stadium project driven by students

The Greenon FFA group helped pour concrete on the high school’s campus as an assist to the community.

Previously, the walkway near the football field was gravel and the class wanted to change that.

“We put in concrete and each person had a job to do,” FFA student Logan Coppsuk said. “A few of us came out and got it prepared before. I have never poured concrete before.”

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The class learned about concrete before actually pouring, advisor Sara Casto said.

“Ernst Concrete sent out two representatives who talked about concrete last week,” Casto said.

The company then sent out workers to mentor and help students pour the concrete.

There can be a lot of learning when students are out actually doing the work with professionals, Casto said.

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“This is the first time we have done something like this and we hope this will open the door to continue to do stuff like this to give our students something hands-on to do,” she said.

Not only did the students learn, Coppsuk said, but it also helped them give back.

“We were pretty excited about doing this and helping out the school,” he said. “We jumped on it right away, we thought it would be a really good idea and a really good experience.”

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The project will hopefully bring pride to the students, Casto said, because whenever the community gathers for a Greenon game they will have utilized the students’ work.

“It’s a benefit for our school and community who will use this sidewalk for athletic events at the school,” Casto said.

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