Trotwood teen rape suspect faces new charges, probable cause hearing

A probable cause hearing for the Trotwood teen accused of raping two women at gunpoint will be held March 15.

Prosecutors on Tuesday added one charge and amended another for the 16-year-old boy, who appeared in front of Montgomery County Juvenile Court Judge Helen Wallace.

The teen will now face aggravated trespass and voyeurism charges. Prosecutors also amended their complaint to include add firearm specifications to the two counts of aggravated robbery.

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The boy already faced two counts each of rape, kidnapping and aggravated burglary with three-year firearm specifications.

On Monday, the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office motioned to have the boy tried as an adult “due to the seriousness of the crimes and the defendant’s age.”

Wallace read the charges to the boy and his public defender. The teen answered, “Yes, Ma’am” when asked by Wallace if he understood the charges.

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Neither the teen’s attorney nor prosecutors spoke to the court on the record. The sides did meet with Wallace in chambers before the hearing.

The teen’s name is not being used by this news organization because he has not been formally charged as an adult.

The boy allegedly raped a 24-year-old and 34-year-old at gunpoint on two separate occasions in early December. DNA evidence left at the scenes led to the teen’s arrest, according to Trotwood police.

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According to prosecutors, the boy on Dec. 3 entered a residence in the Salem Village neighborhood through a back door and raped a 24‐year‐old female victim at gunpoint.

Prosecutors said on Dec. 5, the boy entered a home through a window in the same neighborhood and raped a 34‐year‐old female victim at gunpoint.

“This 16‐year‐old defendant entered into the homes of strangers in the cover of night, and raped two women at gunpoint,” Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. said in Monday’s press release. “We will not tolerate juveniles brandishing a firearm and committing violent felonies. This defendant should be tried as an adult and held accountable for his actions.”

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According to juvenile court records, the 16-year-old previously was convicted on a felony burglary charge in June 2018, a misdemeanor theft in March 2018 and a unruly charge in Dec. 16. In each case, the teen was sentenced to probation.

Before the teen’s arrest, some neighborhood residents were frightened

“I mean it’s scary. It’s a quiet neighborhood. This is a quiet block. I’ve been over here a couple years and we’ve never had anything like that happen around here,” Tina Phillips said. “I mean you got to make sure all your doors and windows is locked at all times.”


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