NEW DETAILS: Harrison Twp. man faces charges of sex acts with teen

William H. Sparks

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William H. Sparks

A 64-year-old Harrison Twp. man faces federal charges related to alleged sex crimes against a 14-year-old girl, including taking her across state lines to have sex in his semi truck.

William H. Sparks allegedly gave the girl two glasses of Sangria and directed her to perform a sex act on him after she went to a bedroom to watch cartoons, according to a complaint and affidavit.

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The complaint alleged Sparks also had sex with the girl in a Dayton motel room, in his girlfriend’s Kentucky residence while on a trip for his brother’s funeral and in his Harrison Twp. home.

Sparks faces two charges each of coercion and enticement and transportation of minors for sex, according to a complaint filed in Dayton’s U.S. District Court. If convicted, three of the charges carry sentences of 10 years to life, and the fourth is up to 20 years in prison.

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Sparks is scheduled for a detention hearing Wednesday and a preliminary hearing July 7. He’s being held in the Butler County Jail.

This news organization has attempted to reach Sparks’ attorney for comment.

Sparks was a long-time friend of the girl’s family and was a “father figure” to her, according to a complaint written by a Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent.

FBI agent Andrea Kinzig wrote that the girl told her mother and a friend in May that she had engaged in various types of sexual conduct with Sparks beginning in January 2017.

Interviews of the girl revealed Sparks allegedly told her he had had a vasectomy and didn’t need to wear condoms so she shouldn’t worry about becoming pregnant, the complaint said.

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“Sparks told (the girl) he would kill himself if law enforcement officers ever ‘caught’ him for engaging in sexual conduct with her,” Kinzig wrote.

The FBI agent also wrote Sparks instructed the girl what to tell a gynecologist if the doctor was able to tell she had engaged in sexual activities.

Sparks also allegedly told the girl they could buy a test to assure her again that she wasn’t pregnant. Some conversations were captured via Facebook messaging and recorded telephone calls, Kinzig wrote.

“Everything should be cool,” Sparks is quoted in the complaint talking to the girl about her medical appointment. “You just, if you can ha-, if you can handle the doctor okay.

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“And if anything blows up, try to get a signal to me so I can, well hell, that ain’t gonna do no good. I just gonna have to do the rest of my life in prison.”

According to the complaint, Sparks told investigators he knew the girl was 14, knew her family and had taken her out of state on multiple occasions. Sparks told investigators the girl confided in him about a missed menstrual cycle.

“Shortly after being told that officers had a recorded conversation between him and (the girl) in which sexual contact was discussed,” the complaint alleged, “Sparks terminated the interview.”


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