Coronavirus: New dashboard will share daily data on Ohio hospitalizations

A new dashboard created by the Ohio Hospital Association shows the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on hospitals across the state.

The dashboard, which is available here, uses data submitted by Ohio hospitals to the OHA’s Resource Tracker. Data will be updated on at 12:30 p.m. daily.

Users can look at data on the state level, or by the eight regions created under Ohio’s Hospital Preparedness program.

The dashboard also compares current data with hospitalizations and ICU admissions over the last seven, 21 and 60 days.

As of Monday, there are 4,358 COVID-19 patients in Ohio hospitals, accounting for one in four patients, according to the dashboard.

That’s a 19% increase from a week ago and 623% increase from 60 days ago.

One in three patients, or 1,079 people, in Ohio ICU’s have coronavirus. Ohio is seeing a 20% increase in COVID-19 ICU patients from a week ago and 439% increase from 60 days ago.

The surge in patients isn’t the only aspect of the pandemic having an effect on hospitals. As of Monday, 27% of hospitals have reported a need for caregivers according to the OHA.

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