Coronavirus: Downtown Springfield restaurant closes until after Thanksgiving

A downtown Springfield restaurant is closed until after Thanksgiving due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

The Fountain on Main, a 50′s style soda shop located on 14 E. Main St., said in a Facebook post on the restaurant’s page that the decision was made "out of an abundance of safety.”

“We will voluntarily close (until after Thanksgiving) due to contact tracing regarding COVID-19," the post said.

“So, very sorry for this inconvenience,” the post added.

The Clark County Combined Health District (CCCHD) announced on Tuesday that they are behind on COVID-19 traditional contact tracing.

As of Monday, the health district had over 300 cases that still needed to be interviewed as a result of testing positive for COVID-19 — and the district is continuing to receive upwards of 80 new positive cases per day, according to a statement from the CCCHD.

The statement said the district is making adjustments and will now send informational packets instead of making direct contact with positive cases.

Another downtown Springfield restaurant, Stella Bleu, located at 20 N. Fountain Ave., temporarily closed this week after an employee was exposed to COVID-19, according to a social media post from the restaurant on Tuesday.

Darin Mitchell, chef and co-owner of Stella Bleu said the restaurant will open today at 5 p.m. for dinner service.

During the closure, the restaurant was thoroughly cleaned and employees were tested, the restaurant said.

“Our utmost concern for our staff and patrons is a priority,” the restaurant said. “These are difficult times, and we appreciate your support, your business and positive vibes.”

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