Coronavirus: Clark State vaccine clinic attracts over 70 people

Clark State College in partnership with the Clark County Combined Health District vaccinated 74 people at a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on the school’s main campus Thursday.

The clinic was part of Gov. Mike DeWine’s push to get college students vaccinated before school is lets out for the summer. Clark State’s clinic was also open to the general public and served as a learning opportunity for students in the college’s nursing program.

Clark State Practical Nursing and Registered Nursing students and faculty distributed the Pfizer vaccine during the 3-hour clinic on the college’s main campus at 570 East Leffel Lane..

“I think that it gives them [nursing students] the opportunity to help the community. With COVID, we’ve had a hard time getting clinical sites, and it’s important for them to get that interaction with people. This is an opportunity where they’re able to do that,” said Becky Dodds, coordinator for the Practical Nurse Program at Clark State.

Contributing to the community is an important part of the students’ learning process, Dodds said.

“They [nursing students] have worked out at the JCPenney’s building at the Upper Valley Mall, and they’ve worked there quite a few days. They help out wherever they’re needed, whether it’s directing traffic or giving vaccines or whatever.”

The CCCHD operates the county’s COVID-19 vaccine out of the former JCPenney store.

Nursing students were excited to help the community and learn in the process.

“It means a lot, because I’m able to get clinical experience, and this semester, with COVID and everything, we don’t get a lot of it. So, it’s really cool to get to administer the shots,” said Sophie Gustafson, a graduating nursing student.

The vaccine clinic was helpful for Clark State students who wanted to be vaccinated.

“I got an email saying Clark State was offering shots on this day, so I took the chance to go ahead and sign up. I know it’s hard to go back to work without the shot,” said Reyna Ramirez, a third-year student.

Ramirez said that vaccine clinics being offered is something she hopes will grow as an idea that more people will consider.

“I think bigger employers, like Walmart maybe, should do the same and offer it to their employees. It just reassures you, that Clark State doesn’t want sick students, and wants the best for their students. I think it’s awesome,” Ramirez said.

With expanded access to vaccinations, over one-third of all Ohioans have now been vaccinated. However, COVID-19 numbers continue to rise, and have passed 1 million cases in the state, with over 18,000 deaths.

Another vaccine clinic will take place at Clark State on Thursday, May 6, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. as a follow-up for shot recipients to receive their second shot to complete the vaccination process.

For more information, please visit the Clark State College website, or follow them on social media.

Clark County had 13,576 cases and 288 deaths of the coronavirus as of Thursday afternoon, according to ODH.

As of Thursday, 46,719 Clark County residents had received at least one COVID-19 vaccination shot, according to ODH. That’s about 35% of the county’s total population. Over 27% has been fully vaccinated.

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