Clark County state rep brings joint agriculture committee back to Ohio State Fair

A state representative from Clark County brought the joint Agriculture Committee back to the Ohio State Fair this year following a two-year hiatus.

Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield), who is the chairman of the Ohio House Agriculture and Conservation Committee, said that he was glad that the General Assembly could return to the fair grounds this year to hear from industry leaders.

“This is a fantastic event where state leaders can celebrate Ohio’s most important industry,” Koehler said. “It’s critical that Ohio be proactive in maintaining its position as a leader in agriculture and this meeting is a chance to hear from a range of leaders on just how we’re accomplishing that.”

Committee members, which included state representatives and state senators, heard from various leaders and influencers in agriculture about the importance of the industry and future projects.

That also included the influence that agriculture has had on young residents in the state.

“The fair was my family’s initial link to agriculture. My parents were raised in Cincinnati and, as a result, had limited exposure to the agricultural community around them,” The 2022 Ohio State Fair Queen Maya Kidd told the committee.

“It wasn’t until my older sister and I became involved in our local county fair that my family became acquainted with the agricultural community around us,” she added.

Other speakers included Junior Fair Board President Haven Hileman, Ohio FFA President Aubrey Schwartz, Director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Mary Mertz, Dean and Vice President of Ag Administration of OSU’s College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences Cathann Kress, Vice President of the Ohio Farm Bureau Adam Sharp, and the Ohio State Fair Commissioner Virgil Strickler, said a news release from Koehler’s office.

The Ohio State Fair has been running for 167 years and the fair this year ended on Sunday.

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