Clark County Recorder’s Office launches advanced records search, property fraud alerts

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

The Clark County Recorder’s Office has launched an advanced records search and property fraud alert features.

The office partnered with GovOS, a provider of digital solutions for local governments, to launch the program, which allows residents to have access to an advanced search system to find and view public records online.

“In addition to our commitment to the safekeeping and preservation of historical documents, it is also our duty to ensure public records are easily accessible to citizens,” said Nancy Pence, Clark County recorder. “With GovOS Cloud Search, we can provide the public with easy-to-use search functionality that allows them to find and access thousands of digital documents more efficiently.”

With the new system, county staff and residents can search land records dating back to 1818, which are accessible on mobile devices, tablets, computers and county workstations. Users can organize their search results with built-in filters and sortable grids, and can see which records they’ve already opened with the help of the system’s highlighted line items.

“With its Google-like interface, the search process is simple and straightforward while still offering advanced search capabilities for experienced users. The powerful records search engine is capable of combing through millions of digitized documents and delivering search results within seconds,” Public Information Officer Michael Cooper said in a release.

The Recorder’s Office is now also offering a property fraud alert tool, powered by GovOS, that helps detect possible fraudulent activity on your name that can affect your property. Property owners can set up their profile online and receive alerts if a document is recorded against the information included in their profile at the Clark County Recorder’s Office.

This feature is free for citizens to use. Clark County land records are available to search at

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