Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Dashaun Eugene Brandon, 22, of 1956 Elmsford St., OVI/breath, dismissed, OVI, guilty, continued, refer to three day program, DUS, dismissed, speed, dismissed, seat belt, dismissed.

Bradley Allen Chaney, 33, of 601 S York St., aggravated burglary, continued, no contact/not to be 500 ft 948 sunset, bond $10,000.

Derik D. Davis, 52, of 1170 Johnny Lytle, receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, bond $3,000.

Tabitha Nacoal Grim, 37, of 324 Glenn Ave., assault, innocent, continued, no contact/not to be 500 feet 2874 Dawn Lane.

Robert Ivan McCormick III, 34, of 1470 W. Pleasant St., violation of TPO, continued, PD appointed, no contact/not to be 500 feet 610 Gallagher St., bond $2,500.

Chelsie R. Miller, 25, of 2758 Dorothy Lane, OVI, continued, bond $1,500, OVI/breath, bench warrant ordered, speed, bench warrant ordered.

Mindy M. Cunningham, 30, of P.O. Box 397, OVI, bench warrant ordered.

Amy E. Allen, 52, of Cincinnati, violating protection order reduced to disorderly, guilty, fined $50.

Sawyer Halewolf, 23, of 2065 Portage Path, criminal damaging, continued, eligible INT, PD appointed.

Loubert Homme, 32, of 1136 E. John St. Apt. 14, assault, continued, no contact conducive of bond.

Kevin E. Wade, 40, of 1462 S. Wittenberg Ave., OVI, dismissed, OVI, dismissed, DUS OVI suspension, guilty, 90 days of jail with 87 days suspended, 24 months of probation, 6 months of driver’s license suspension, 90 days jail, 87 suspension, 3 days consecutive, 87 days jail suspension on probation and F/C paid, probation fee, fined $250, speed, dismissed.